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Juventus coach Max Allegri has lost the support of former midfielder Claudio Marchisio. ‘I hope they’re not waiting for the break in the season to make a change. This team simply doesn’t know how to play.’

The Bianconeri are in a full-blown crisis after losing both Champions League matches to PSG and Benfica, winning only two in Serie A and falling to a shock defeat against newly-promoted Monza on Sunday.

It is not just the results that are concerning supporters, but also the alarming level of performances, which did not impress even when earning points.

While the club hierarchy continues to back Allegri, Marchisio has already seen enough.

“The problem is not that Juve lose, because that can happen. However, losing against Monza without a shot on goal… There’s a total disconnect between the team, coach and club,” Marchisio told La Domenica Sportiva television programme on RAI.

Angel Di Maria’s red card against Monza also did not qualify as an excuse for the former star.

“With a strong squad, you can have your say even down to 10 men. This Juventus team doesn’t know how to play and that is worrying.”

Marchisio was part of the side that came back from demotion to Serie B and difficult times to then begin the decade-long winning streak.

“Juve finished seventh in Serie A before, but nobody said it was ‘worrying’ – yet that is the word Leonardo Bonucci used. If you look at Dusan Vlahovic, he hasn’t improved at all since arriving from Fiorentina.”

This is an unusual campaign due to the 2022 World Cup in November and December, so it’s a packed fixture list until a long break, then resumes in January.

Because of that situation, Marchisio believes Juve are biding their time and hoping for a miracle.

“The season is essentially split in two this year, so I hope they’re not waiting for a break in the season to make a change of coach. It’s a very delicate situation.”

CEO Maurizio Arrivabene insisted Allegri was part of a four-year plan for the club, which is why he has such a lengthy and expensive contract.

“It has been one mistake after another and now we have this,” commented Marchisio.

“It’s not easy to make a change, because who can you bring into this situation?”

2 thought on “Marchisio: ‘Juventus waiting for World Cup to sack Allegri’”
  1. CALMAAA!!!

    Do not let the fake news get to you. Nobody knows what is going on with the 7/9. One thing for sure is that they are all asleep at the HQ and deep down loving the zombie performances. Give PhD a lifetime deal now. Nobody does back, back, down, down better than Hiroshima Max.

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