Mancini: ‘They laugh at this refereeing in the Premier League’

by | Oct 31, 2021 22:43

Gianluca Mancini insists Milan should not have received a penalty and Roma were denied a spot-kick. ‘In the Premier League, they’d laugh if you officiated like that.’

The 2-1 result for the Rossoneri at the Stadio Olimpico was decided by a Zlatan Ibrahimovic free kick and Franck Kessie penalty, the latter awarded for a Roger Ibanez challenge on Ibrahimovic.

Stephan El Shaarawy pulled one back late on and there were penalty appeals for a Simon Kjaer challenge on Lorenzo Pellegrini.

Jose Mourinho was so angry that he refused to answer any questions, assuming he would receive another touchline ban.

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“We share the coach’s anger, everyone saw the incidents. The penalty on Ibanez was absolutely not a penalty. The referee was told to view it again on VAR, he still made that decision,” centre-back Mancini told DAZN.

“Defenders aren’t allowed to tackle, we have to jump with our arms behind our backs, that’s not football.

“Then there was a huge penalty at the end where Kjaer caught Pellegrini on the shin. That’s a penalty, but VAR did not intervene. It was clear as day.

“Referees come to talk to us, they say be careful with handling offences, and that makes all us defenders have to jump like penguins.

“They keep saying they don’t want to give so many penalties, yet award penalties like that. It was a perfectly normal tackle in the box with two players going for the ball. Ibrahimovic wasn’t even in a position to shoot.

“Referees can make mistakes, just like players, we are all human beings. However, there are five officials or something in the VAR, if they call you over to view it again, it means you’ve made a mistake.

“I went to Maresca after the final whistle and told him what I told you, that it was a normal tackle and Ibrahimovic couldn’t even shoot.”

Mancini also noted that Maresca had lost control of the match, flashing cards far too easily throughout the encounter.

“I am someone who watches a lot of football. I think 12 yellow cards was far too many for this game. Look at the Premier League, they’d laugh if you officiated like that, especially with that penalty.

“I don’t want to show a lack of respect to anyone, but honestly, it feels like a joke. Kjaer didn’t get the ball, he only got Pellegrini’s calf. I feel taken for a ride.”

epa09472499 Roma's Gianluca Mancini (R) celebrates with his coach Jose Mourinho (2-L) after scoring the 4-1 lead during the UEFA Europa Conference League soccer match between AS Roma and CSKA Sofia in Rome, Italy, 16 September 2021. EPA-EFE/FABIO FRUSTACI


  1. Milan Fan

    Work harder mate, you were weaker than Milan and no match for them, that was the only clear thing tonight.

  2. Ruls

    Mancini is right.. Referee in italy is totally joke.. Serie a is a joke..

  3. Marko

    A comment from a milan fan who changed diapers 6 Times tonight

  4. Sam

    Yes the ref is the reason why roma stikers cannot score and pellegrini and el shawaary cannot do it all. The ref is the reason you’re squad is decimated and your coach has frozen out other players who could be useful. What exactly did mayoral do to mou anyways.

  5. serie a lover

    roma definitely got robbed in this game.

  6. InteriSti

    The referees are spoiling this league

    Dumfries on Sandro clear penalty, some say it’s soft, dumfries got nothing of the ball, only calf

    Ibanez got a piece of the ball, var ask to review , especially the view from the back, clearly he got the ball, what’s his explanation for giving a pk?

    Inter fan here btw

  7. Ranajaya

    The defender wouldn’t reached the ball without tripping Ibra. A clear foul.
    You make too much excuse. Milan has a lot of chance and you coildn’t even get a shot on target before the red card.
    It was a foul on Krunic before the ball get to Theo. If that was the case, it would’ve been 11 vs 11 and you wouldn’t get that 1 goal.
    Karsdrop should’ve seen his 2nd yellow for tripping ang puling Theo

  8. tom

    It’s true the refereeing in Serie A looks very poor compared to the Prem at the moment, and this was definitely not a 10 yellow card game (it wasn’t 12). But he’s really contradicting himself if his excuse is that Ibra wasn’t in a position to shoot when Pellegrini is facing away from goal and clearly any slight contact has no actual impact on him. Also convenient that he doesn’t mention how lucky Karsdorp was to avoid a second yellow for the challenge on Hernandez before Ibra’s disallowed goal…


    Erm the ref got nearly every key decision right: both Milan goals were rightly cancelled, it was a clear penalty to Milan (he took out Ibra before getting the slightest touches of the ball), Hernandez should have got sent off, and there no penalty to Roma.

    There is literally nothing to complain about here.

    Judging by Milan’s last two Champions League games where shocking refereeing mistakes have cost them 2 crucial points and probably qualification, I think Serie A is doing better than most.

  10. BoB

    @ Ruls, Serie A a joke? The Euro was won by an Italian team made up of mostly Serie A players.. it beat a team who’s players mostly play (if not entirely) in the legendary, amazing, untouchable EPL.

    Ma va caca..

  11. madbro

    thats penalty ,what not penalty is zaniolo at the derby

  12. rosso

    There are matches where refereeing suck AND the undeserving team won – but not this one, Mancini. Watch the replays again, especially Kjaer and Pellegrini. And if you are hitting the referee, does that mean the 2 Milan goals rightly disallowed for offside were incorrect; does that mean the deserved red for clumsy Theo was incorrect as well? And for those hitting Serie A refereeing, you should see how Italian games in the CL. And I am not Italian.

  13. shervin

    yes, the ref was definitely on milan’s side… he just disallowed 2 of their goals, sent one of their players off, but he didn’t even shoot the ball in the milan net. terrible refereeing.

  14. AZ

    I cannot believe a professional player said that. He needs to go back home and spend some time to read the FIFA rules ( if he can read) or the club can help him to understand those plain words.

  15. Susanto

    If Mancini though that he was right to complain …. Just no need to play, watch from TV or he can become Commentator …… That’s it … Simple

  16. Solointer

    As an inter fan it was sad watching Mou team play so bad. He’s definitely one of those outdated coach. If you decide to freeze your players don’t expect anything special. Milan won the match even before touching the ball. Mou knew exactly he was getting a lower level Roma team but to go and freeze players just to send a message to the owners shows that he’s actually Roma biggest enemy. It’s only a matter of time before a total collapse for Roma.

  17. Usoro

    He should keep his mouth shut! Premier league refereeing is even worse. Atleticos game against betis, the referee disallowed Felix goal, before VAR intervened. No league officiating is perfect. By the way, the Milan penalty goal was the right call. Don’t know why most Serie A coaches and players hardly accept losing without excuses. Damn!!!


    Roma are lucky Theo got sent off, they would have lost by bigger margin. Clearly Milan were superior.
    Instead of focusing on non existent penalty maybe Roma should try to improve their game and not play defensive provincial footboll.

  19. Vergogna

    Roma players and roma fans blaming referee again. Pathetic

  20. Pooopi

    It was a penealty. If ref got it wrong it should been 5-1 to milan
    Milan was the better team.

  21. Viktor Soderholm

    I think ref did a excellent job overall. A shame leap’s goal didn’t stand because that was a piece of art.

  22. Rico

    Premier league refereeing is literally the worst in europe

  23. Rino03

    Mancini n mou wat sore losers u guys are. Totally got outplayed before the red card.

  24. Abdul

    Mancini,zanoilo and Karsdrop were all save by the refree from receiving a second yellow how about about foul on krunic before theo red card,how about the the two disallowed goals.he should go and train harder and stop complaining…Roma did nothing before the red card just packing the bus…..mourinho is outdated…

  25. House Party

    The main point is that Milan won by deserving 2. Simple as that! Jose’s complaints about a lack of respect are as if he expects the opposition to submit + for the official’s to give him EVERY call!!! That’s the only way in which Roma woulda got a result. He’s like 1 of those entitled people who get’s offended + acts like a victim when you stand up to them + don’t let them use or bully you? Ha! No wonder that English ref threw a boot at his head before deciding to retire? Roma are just playing the “woe is me” card as an excuse when they lose. I was hoping Jose would improve Mancini’s positional play rather than tutor him in the way’s of the blame game. It’s clever as it turn’s attention away from Milan’s deserved win, by complaining about something which we can all agree on-poor Italian officiating-and let me tell you, we are so superior in England. 😋 We don’t have those incompetent snobs obsessed with keeping law + order, who take themself too serious as they flash multiple cards? Oh no. Ha. It’s not only Italy which has the clueless “Maggie Thatcher” + “Mussolini” authoritarian, type refs. They do tend to let play go more over here, I think that’s what he’s getting at, but I have some sympathy for last night’s officials, as it’s nothing but a ploy to gain sympathy for Roma + to take attention away from their’s + Jose’s shortcoming’s (that ridiculous decision to ban his own players!)
    He say’s “Honestly, it feels like a joke,” The jokes on us, but he’s not fooling me, he’s not being honest, if he were then he’d admit that Milan were better. Yeah, we did see the incidents Gianluca + going to look at VAR doesn’t automatically mean that the ref has to change his original decision! Ibanez’s tackle was a great attempt but he fouled Ibra with his left leg before his right touched the ball. How is that “absolutely” less of a pen than Kjaer’s on Pellegrini? Gamesmanship + mind games. Roma’s behaviour makes it harder for refs, not simpler! Don’t cry Wolf when you’re the one’s behaving like Wolves yourself!

  26. Milan Fan

    Roma could barely reach the halfway line until the non-existent red card playing on their home turf and some have the audacity to say they were robbed. LMAO get outta here.

  27. Jeff

    I don’t support any of these 2 teams but I did watch the game and I must say that Roma were robbed a clear pen at the end of that game, especially if they had called the one for Zlatan!! Just my opinion but the reffing in Italy seems a little corrupt for my liking.. I’ll stick with watching EPL

  28. Ralph

    I don’t know what you on about but even ref in the premier are having a hard time, if you get the ball before the player then we can talk about it, but there was a contact and Ibra is already on his way down before Ibanez touch the ball that is if he touch the ball at all so that is a penalty according to the rule, and you think Theo should get a second yellow for that? common you lost so take it like a man

  29. DB Milan

    He hasn’t watched EPL since VAR came in then because Serie A looks amazing in comparison.

    Milan deserved that win and I didn’t see any huge ref mistakes. He even got Pellegrini’s desperation dive correct near the end. This attitude comes from his manager so we shouldn’t be surprised.


    Bravo Mancini!! Serie a officiating is a joke ! At least Maresca reviewed the call and ignored the footage – handanovic nailed Defrel and it didn’t even go to var ! Inter’s penalty vs Lazio was a non-call yet Dambrosio kicking the player in his end before the ballis a non-call……….organized crime in Milan controls the VAR and the league is in on i the action !

    But if you listen to Inter fans, May 5th 2002 happened because Moggi paid Hector Cuper to start Gresko in Defense !

  31. dan

    DB Milan maybe you haven’t watched much Premier League this season but it’s so much better than Serie A this year.

    Admittedly it was awful last year, and still of course not perfect, but they have changed a few things and now the Prem is averaging about half as many penalties as Serie A (And I am a fellow Milan fan!)

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