Mancini talks title race, Roma’s Conference League final and Italy-Argentina

by | May 12, 2022 20:17

Roberto Mancini highlighted his enjoyment of this Serie A season, suggested that Roma‘s European final was ‘important for Italy’ and looked ahead to Azzurri’s upcoming commitments.

The Azzurri failed to qualify for the upcoming World Cup in Qatar following a disastrous 1-0 playoff defeat to North Macedonia earlier this year, but the team are still preparing to take part in a match against Copa America winners Argentina, in what UEFA are calling the Finalissima 2022.

Speaking after meeting the Miracoli FC youth team, Mancini first discussed the Serie A title race this season and the Coppa Italia final.

“The fact that the Scudetto is in the balance I think is nice. It’s difficult to bet on the winner, very difficult. It’s been a great season and yesterday’s match was fun too.”

The Azzurri coach then spoke about Roma’s upcoming Europa Conference League final against Feyenoord.

“The fact that Roma qualified for the Conference League final is important for Italy, for Rome and for our boys who are playing a European final.”

Finally, Mancini discussed Italy’s upcoming Finalissima 2022 against Argentina and the state of his Azzurri squad.

“It’ll be a good match, the first of a long series. It will become an important match, it would be nice to be the first winners.

“When I have the squad we’ll see, hopefully they’ll be better physically.”

Despite the failure to qualify for the upcoming World Cup in Qatar, Mancini has stayed on as Italy coach, receiving the backing of the FIGC as well as a large part of the Azzurri faithful. Some remain unconvinced, so the next 12 months will be crucial for the coach and his players.


  1. joe del monte

    Rough seas ahead especially if you pick the same old tired sailors

  2. Anthony

    Please Mancini don’t play Immobile. He never has shined with the national team.

  3. Az

    He is anti-Milan and youth.

  4. Leon Delgaudio

    He will still play Immobile and Belotti will still be in the squad and come of the bench on the 70th minute. Nothing will change at all

  5. Magic

    @Az – anti Milan and youth? He’s the one who insisted playing Florenzi when the guy is a washed up player. He’s also the guy who gave Zaniolo his Azzurri debut before he even played a single game in Serie A, so in what way was he anti Milan or anti youth? Please stop spill non sense here. It’s because of people like you that I hope Inter wins the scudetto – and this comes from a Romanista.

  6. Rudy

    Everyone wants to blame Immobile this is sickening he scores 25 goals in Serie A but don’t add him to the team 🙄. Crazy talk he isn’t the one to blame he didn’t play in WCQ against Swiss and NI and they still couldn’t score.

  7. Supermarket

    @Magic no, you wish that Milan wouldn’t win the scudetto because you are sore loser that still crying that your Roma get trashed and outplayed two times by Milan, despite the expensive market you had.

  8. Jarod KNowles

    italians viciously attacking each other over a derby. It’s all about European competitions, Euro, CL, WC no wonder we can’t bust out with the national team what with this bad energy. Let’s all back Roma with Mourinho in that Euro final and then this Mancio with Argentina.

  9. Dairo

    @Magic – Florenzi is a backup to Calabria at Ac Milan yet he was picked ahead of calabria in the national team. Also at the time of Zaniolo Debut, he(zaniolo) was at Inter. So you just sumed up the whole anti-milan stuff.

    @Rudy – And about Immobile, i think mancini should pick a tactical set up that suits Immobile playing style just like the one he played in at Toro and currently Lazio thats if Mancini is bent on using him by the way… If not, Scammacca wouldn’t be a bad reference point i think

  10. pierro

    @supermarket, which expensive market? LOL
    the only expensive player we signed are Abraham, at it’s turned out well.
    If not because of corrupted referees, we are probably there in 3rd place now.

  11. TSObhung

    More precise, anti-Calabria, anti-Biraghi and anti-Dimarco….. anti-fullbacks maybe 🙂

    Emerson still playing for Italy!? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. TONINO

    I do not think Mancini is anti anybody. Like everybody, he picks a team that he thinks will do well. Lets be honest, it is correct to use players that know your system. No doubt, he will play the youngsters. OK, we are not at the WC and we do have a problem in scoring which will be sorted but you just cannot keep on blaming IMO/BEL et cetera. Unfortunately, these things do happen. Just like it did for England in failure to go to the WC in 1974, 1978 and 1994. We made mistakes and now we need to sort them out but you cannot just change an entire team like you can on Playstation 5! Lets give Mancini trust and always support our National Team.

  13. Brandon

    I still cannot believe Donnarumma didn’t stop that shot.

  14. Stefano

    Mancini’s problem is his ego. It appears to me the flaw of every single Italian coach we have ever had for the national team.

    Prandelli didn’t have an ego though and Italy crashing out in 2014 was because the Italian federation insisted on a resort thousands of miles away where they were supposed to play their games and in completely different climatic Conditions. I don’t think the team even was able to practice to train properly before the games

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