Mancini on possible Italy re-entry to World Cup: There’s the FIFA ranking

by | May 23, 2022 16:20

Italy manager pointed people into the direction of the FIFA ranking when asked about a potential readmission into the World Cup for the Azzurri.

A shock defeat to North Macedonia in the play-offs meant the four-time world champions miss out for a second consecutive tournament.

FIFA’s investigation into Ecuador allegedly falsifying documents of a player has led to suggestions Italy would be first in line for re-admission as they are the highest-ranked side not to have qualified, should the South Americans be expelled.

Italy FA chief Gabriele Gravina categorically dismissed the idea but asked about it, Mancini told reporters during the Italian Hall of Fame gala: “Let’s see. Rumours of a potential readmission came out due to Ecuador or Iran.

“Right now, we’re not there, but if someone is expelled, there’s the ranking.”

Meanwhile Mancini also said he believes Giorgio Chiellini, who captained Italy to success at Euro 2020, will continue to play football outside Italy.

The 37-year-old played played his last match for Juventus on Saturday and recent reports suggested he is on the verge of joining Major League Soccer side Los Angeles FC but there has so far been no official announcement on his future.

Mancini said: “I don’t know what he will think about the future but it seems he wants to play another year abroad.”


  1. MC Miker G

    FIFA are a law unto themselves. The fact that a) Infantino is their boss, and b) Italy would undoubtedly bring the most revenue to the tournament means that FIFA might well try to engineer an Italian reprieve. But it would be grubby as hell, and totally undeserved.

  2. Rosario

    @MC Miker G

    Another Englishman doing a stool in their pants at the thoughts of having to play Italy again? haha.

  3. Fatecisognare

    The winners of the continental cups should get automatic qualification to the World Cup so Italy should be there. However, I don’t believe that should be applied retrospectively.

  4. Anon

    The problem probably would be that Iran plays in the Asian qualifiers & Ecuador in the South American. So if any team is going to get a spot it would most likely be the highest rated teams from those regions

  5. Gio

    @Anon’s theory is most likely correct on this.

  6. MC Miker G

    @Fatecisognare – I’m half-Italian. I support Italy. But I believe in fairness – look the word up, you might learn something for once in your benighted life.

  7. MC Miker G

    @Fatecisognare – sorry, that comment was meant for Rosario.

  8. Rosario

    @MC Miker G

    ‘half Italian’ 😂😂😂😂

  9. Rosario

    You’re either Italian or you’re not! Its about if you feel Italian and not whether you are half or a quarter!

    Keep crying! Just be grateful we won’t play you at the wc!

    You know england have never beaten Italy at a world cup or euro….? 😳

  10. ROMAntic

    Mancini, have some honour, you snake. How can you give a comment like that?
    Italy was truly unlucky not to top their group, but in the end can only blame themselves.
    Why on Earth would the Asian/ S. American spot be given to a European country?? Even a 6-year old would tell you that is not right!

  11. Fatecisognare

    @Rosario – buttati in un cesso. I’m fully Italian but I know many half-Italians with dual citizenship. What’s your point? You sound like a nazi, coglione.

  12. solo inter

    We don’t claim you, Rosario.

  13. Rosario


    Well aren’t you an angry little strunz. I’m saying that it doesn’t matter if you are full, half or quarter. If you feel Italian, then you are Italian. But like you, this strunz hates Italy but then uses his ‘half italianness’ as a defence.

    Maybe learn to read, before getting all bigoted.

  14. Rosario


    Wow. someone really needs to learn to read. I said that all that matters is to feel the love for the national team. Doesn’t matter if you’re full, half or whatever. But the hater hates Italy and then defends himself through being ‘half Italian’.

  15. Rosario

    @Solo Inter.

    Claim me? Who are you to claim me? MILANO SIAMO NOI!!!! MILANO SIAMO NOI SOLO NOI!!!

    You’re still crying too. I know its all very raw though.

  16. Dara

    What’s going on with Iran? I googled Iran World Cup news and saw nothing about disqualification, so why are they mentioned here?

  17. Careltto

    Fifa owes us after that 2002 Italy Vs South Korea game lol I’m sure Infantino can pull some strings

  18. BOSS


    Quit going on like a child, would u?

    He never said, nor was there proof, he was English.

    YOU made that up so u could have a go at them, nothing more. You’re probably dumb enough to call me English now lol

  19. Rosario


    I can spot an English football fan comment from a mile away.

  20. rodolfo

    i want italy at the wc

  21. Bob

    @ MC Italy undeserved???!!?? Euro F-ing Champs at the moment and STILL one of the best teams in the world, i don’t care if they are in or out of that corrupt tournament…

    Forza Italia!!!! And shame on all of you who seemed to have forgotten what they did for us 10 months ago…

  22. joseph mifsud sollazzo

    the world cup without the italians there is no world cup for me all teams scare from the italians

  23. Rashidraj

    Plzzzzz Fifa Italy come to Qatar world Cup

  24. Roy

    Our Dear Azzurri should quickly get back the hunger and confidence of a year ago and go all out to win the Finallisma and the NL matches due in June.. so that if there’s a chance for their entry into the WC, instead of people saying it’s undeserved, perhaps more people will call for it.

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