Mancini: ‘Italy not clinical enough’

Roberto Mancini insists Italy did everything they could to beat Bulgaria, but the Azzurri were ‘not clinical enough.’

Italy were held to a 1-1 draw by Bulgaria in their first game after the UEFA Euro 2020 Final.

Federico Chiesa put the Azzurri ahead in the first half, but Atanas Iliev scored the equaliser just before the break.

World Cup Qualifiers: Italy held by Bulgaria, but Azzurri equal Spain and Brazil record

Italy dominated the game, but Bulgarian goalkeeper Georgi Georgiev produced at least four or five decisive saves.

“We should have been more clinical. We created many opportunities. It was one of those games where we could have played for 30 more minutes without scoring,” Mancini told Rai Sport.

“We conceded a random goal, perhaps we should have committed a foul to stop the attack. Still, we should have been more clinical. We gave our all to win this game. We have an important game on Sunday and we must win.”

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  1. Yet another dull, uninspiring effort from Ciro Immobile. This speaks to post game comments Mancini made about not being clinical enough. How much more of this do we have to witness before we come to the realization that Ciro should not be a first choice starter? Oh how I wish Christian Vieri was 20 yrs old again…..

  2. Exactly Mario T, worrying he was the last great Italian striker who delivered it for the national team.

    Luca Toni just like Immobile wasn’t clinical although he won Golden Boot. Cassano, Balotelli, Di Natali, Pele, Eder…these are the type strikers we’ve had since World Cup 2006.

    Let’s hope Chiesa can become clutch and Mancini realised false 9 option is the way to go.

  3. Immobile at least 20 times caused Italy to lose possession of the ball in today’s game. It was probably more actually.

    Offsides when he should not be
    Errant passes
    Getting tackled
    Making the wrong run to create the wrong pass
    Asking for the pass when he wasn’t even open
    Shots on goals that went nowhere
    Dumb fouls

    What am I missing?

  4. It was like Chiesa vs Bulgaria….Immobile don’t deserve to start let him focus on Lazio, Acerbi was disastrous he let off his marker in that goal,Florenzi very poor…..It’s high time Bastoni and Calabria are trusted

  5. Italy looked lethargic, lacking in penetration and in cutting edge in the final third. Bulgaria were defensively well organised and hard to break down. It would have helped to not concede a very sloppy goal against them after taking the lead. After taking the lead, Italy could have been more careful defensively while waiting for Bulgaria to commit more to open up spaces for the 2nd goal.

  6. At least we can put this nonsense about winning the Euro and World Cup in succession nonsense to bed. They will now be fortunate to even qualify for the World Cup. Does anyone really see anything but a disastrous loss to Switzerland on Sunday looming?

  7. i see it looming Tony

    certain players appeared to lack the hunger we saw in the Euro….this is the problem when you play the same players all the time even when their form is not good…Mancini needs to remind the players that all their positions are still open to competition…..He also needs to stop putting his “faith” in players that after a lifetime of chances have not rewarded him “see Immobile”

    someone explain to me why Mancini put in Cristante? Was Italy trying to secure the draw? LOL

    Mancini himself also I hope realizes that you always need to adapt at this level and keep things fresh and new….because if you get complacent the margins for error are small and before you know it you find yourself in second place in the group with a WC playoff spot on the line against Spain

  8. Immobile got the assist for the goal though. Insigne was as wasteful as a rookie. Is Bonucci the free kick taker now? the Nazionale looked like Juve. Only Chiesa lived up to the hype.

  9. Tony you 100% right that a disastrous loss in looming Saturday . This reminds of when they won World Cup in 2006 and tied Lithuania first game at home 1-1 and lost to France away 3-1. They were lucky that time because two teams made from
    Group for euro. But this time they can’t screw up . Always the same story with this team. Never consistent and always sleeping in September .

  10. Okay we all appreciate what Mancio has done. Remarkable, really. But dear Sir, please don’t fall into the trap of being loyal to the point of folly. Several of the players on this current quad need to be rotated out. I feel for Ciro, but it’s time to move on. He cannot perform for Italy the way we all expect a CF to perform. Florenzi? Oh my did he look bad today. Acerbi needs to make way for Bastoni and we even need to think of a replacement Bonucci. Calabria needs a spot on this team so Florenzi needs to move aside. He even selected Lazzari before Calabria. Calabria is probably the best full back in Italy after Spinnazola. Pellegrini and Zaniolo need to see some time on the pitch over the next two games. Toloi? Not sure what value he adds… I would think about sitting Barella for Locatelli either against the Swiss or Lith. Insigne looks like he could you a rest on the bench… I’d find playing time for Kean and Sensi too..

  11. Bob spot on the Roma players especially have a few games under their belt and would be useful. Anything less than a win against Swiss and we are looking at a reappeat of 2018

  12. Mancini love affair with Immobile has to stop he is just not good enough & why did he play Florenci,

  13. I have read the comments and all I can say is that I must have been watching another game because I do not agree with lacklustre performance at all. We usually do not do well in September and yet last night they went for it. I agree with everything Mancini said, we need to be more aggressive in front of goal. The Bulgarian keeper was brilliant last night unlike the Hungarian keeper who gifted the win to England so lets be realistic. Is it going to be hard on Sunday, of course not impossible. The Swiss do not barricade themselves like the Bulgarians do and lets be honest had the chances gone in, then everybody would have been praising them. They played well. Verratti needs to be a bit more quicker in passing the ball. Florenzi should have fouled the player and unfortunately Acerbi was ball watching in their only chance of the game! I am confident we will do well.

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