Mancini: ‘Italy must never miss World Cup again’

Roberto Mancini hopes Italy ‘never again’ miss out on a World Cup and admits winning EURO 2020 at Wembley Stadium was ‘like coming full circle’ for Sampdoria men who lost the European Cup Final there.

The Azzurri are forced to watch the Qatar tournament from home after losing the play-offs with North Macedonia, having finished second in the qualifying group behind Switzerland.

“We are very disappointed at not qualifying and hope this never happens again, because Italy should always be at the World Cup,” Mancini told Che Tempo Che Fa on Rai 3.

“It might be a bit of an odd World Cup, but it’s still a World Cup and it would’ve been better to be there.”

Before 2018, Italy had qualified for every single World Cup other than 1958, but have now missed two in a row.

However, they are also the reigning Champions of Europe after beating England on penalties in the EURO 2020 Final.

Mancini was on the programme with his old Sampdoria teammate Gianluca Vialli, now a team manager of the Italy squad, as they are publicising a new documentary on that Blucerchiati squad.

They won the Serie A title in 1991 and then reached the European Cup Final in 1992, beaten 1-0 at Wembley Stadium in extra time by Barcelona.

“It was a unique moment winning the Euros during a difficult time for the Nazionale,” continued Mancini.

“I felt like it was not a coincidence we won at Wembley after 30 years, with Luca and the other Sampdoria players who lost there in the Final with Barcelona.

“It was like coming full circle. That victory meant something special to the Samp fans too.”

Vialli is not the only former Sampdoria man in Mancini’s Italy staff, as Attilio Lombardo and Fausto Salsano are also there.

At the time, Mancini and Vialli were known as the Goal Twins, and their bond has only grown stronger.

“I love Gianluca more now than when we were young.”

Vialli was dealing with cancer in the build-up to EURO 2020 and he admits that affected the way they both experienced the tournament.

“That embrace at the final victory had everything in it, the sporting aspect, the joy of achieving this target, but also the fear that had affected both of us due to my health,” explained Vialli.

“Those years were for all of that. It was a wonderful moment of our friendship and it’s great to still be together and still friends after all these years.”

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  1. That lead line seems so obvious, why use it? The problem is now that Italy has missed two consecutive WCs, there will be more pressure than usual in the next qualifying round and psychologically it will be really tough for Italy to make it.

  2. Italy should never miss a World Cup. To do that, the managers at club level must start playing young players. Mancini also needs to be more bold in calling up young players too,

  3. If you notice 2017 vs Sweden the team have immobile not scoring.and now team have vs machadonia still imobole


    I pointed out an error in the article. Then my 2 messages were deleted (they posted successfully at first) and the article is now corrected.

  5. Deeply depressing we have missed another World Cup , it is hard to watch . But if we look back to year 2000 , we have won 1 World Cup and 1 Euro . Only Spain is better , we are equal with France and better than Germany . No need to mention England , Portugal , Holland etc . A different view but it does not make it easier

  6. If you’re going to miss world cups, Qatar and Russia would be the most excellent choices. Good planning by Italy.

  7. Rick you’re not supposed to notice. Nor that Mancini’s WC qualification was a bigger disaster than Ventura’s… yet he got an extention!

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