Mancini: ‘I’m not thinking about clubs, I only focus on the national team’

by | Sep 16, 2021 12:27

Italy CT Roberto Mancini said he’s not thinking about returning at club level. ‘I’m focused on the Azzurri, coaching them is the best thing’.

Yesterday, Mancini Day was staged in his hometown Jesi and the Azzurri CT received a warm welcome in the sports hall after the success at the European Championship.

Mancini recalled the success at Wembley and spoke about his future with the international team.

UEFA report outlines how Italy dominated England at EURO 2020

“A great joy and awareness of transmitting that sense of belonging that inherent in us Italians,” Mancini said, according to

“We often talked about it with the players, the common target was to do something special for our fans. Knowing that we had the support of an entire nation behind us, pushed us towards goals that many thought were unreachable.”

He was then asked if he has considered returning to coach a club in the near future, but stressed he only focuses on the World Cup 2022 in Qatar.

“Now, there’s the World Cup, we have to quickly qualify, and we must try to win the UEFA Nations League.

“I don’t think about the clubs, and I’m focused on the national team. Coaching the national team is the best thing.”

Roberto Mancini


  1. Bob

    We won’t let you go… you better not!


    He was a brilliant player and coach. Absolutely fantastic. I hope he remains for many years. Forza Italia e Forza Mancini. Sei grande.

  3. Dan

    The best CT that we’ve had in a very long time. A progressive coach who’s changed Italy for the better certainly. We will always be known for catenaccio. That will never change, but at least (or we hope) that whenever Mancini decides to move on that our next CT will keep up with this current mentality that Mancini has instilled with this current squad to move away from a previously predominant defend and counter setup to be more attack minded.

    Hope he starts giving more minutes to a younger group of players so that they can contribute to the Azzurri (assuming we qualify for Qatar 2022) for the qualifers. Need an injection of youth now coming through. Last game against Lithuania was a perfect example!

  4. dangerboy

    Grazie Mancio

    He is correct. A hiccup versus Bulgaria and Switzerland not converting chances. But we MUST qualify as quickly as possible (November 2021). No need to risK going to Playoff. The players must be aware that those 2 Draws could have been Wins and be more precise in front of goal.

    I am more worried about reaching the World Cup in good physical condition. Seems like Verratti is always injured. Mancini clearly wants to get Pellegrini and Sensi involved in the NT setup but these 2 are also always hurt. Say nothing of Zaniolo and Spina who are always injured.

    Taking the correct team to Qatar will make or break us. When the matches come fast, every 3 or 4 days, we need players who are physically able to do it.

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