Mancini condemns Donnarumma boo boys

by | Oct 6, 2021 23:04

Roberto Mancini told off Milan supporters for jeering Gianluigi Donnarumma during Italy’s Nations League match with Spain. ‘Italy are meant to come before everything else.’

This was the goalkeeper’s first match back at San Siro since he left as a free agent to join Paris Saint-Germain.

Nations League | Italy 1-2 Spain: Bonucci sees Roja

He was jeered throughout the warm-up, but also loud boos and insults rang out around the stadium every time he touched the ball, including on back-passes and during Spain attacks.

“It certainly won’t have pleased him, just as it did not please us. Gigio did well,” said Azzurri boss Mancini in his press conference.

“Obviously, it was disappointing, because this was Italy playing, it was not a club match. They could’ve put it aside for one match, maybe saved it for PSG-Milan, because Italy are meant to come above everything else.”

The Nazionale lost 2-1 in the Nations League semi-final, ending a 37-match unbeaten run that remains a world record at international level.

Ferran Torres bagged a brace, but Leonardo Bonucci’s red card just before half-time proved decisive.

Italy will play either France or Belgium in Turin on Sunday to decide third place in the Nations League.


  1. Milan4ever

    Condemns yourself for playing him

  2. Abdul

    You are one of them so bias in selection….Calabria perform than any right back in Italy but yet he refused to select him instead he was called because of toloi injury.Calabria is far better than toloi.then tonali was not also called.he hates milan…he always prefer inter players…now what is he saying

  3. Impru

    Divarumma can’t handle the pressure…shocker
    Spineless 12M per season GK

  4. Frankie

    Yes, can’t disagree with you there Abdul. Calabria should be starting before Di Lorenzo and Tonali should have come on for Barella. I also don’t think Verratti and Jorginho should be playing together as they slow our game down too much. Locatelli should have started or Pellegrini who are both in tremendous form and can score goals, which Verratti and Jorginho simply don’t.

  5. Vero Rossonero

    Abdul, not sure what is going on with his thinking on Calabria, but as to Tonali, he was called up but the under-21 coach requested that he remain with the under-21s through their Euro 2023 qualification matches and Mancini agreed.

  6. Roy

    Disgusting to boo players while playing for Nazionale!!
    If the Milan fans continue like this .. sending such negative energy will draw negative energy .. and the very good replacement they’ve got for Donnarumma .. Maignan … all will be chanelled towards him .. universe will say .. continue booing your past .. you don’t need the good present I’ve given you …..

  7. rosario

    If I was back home and went to the game, I wouldn’t have booed him. Gigio did a lot for Milan and at least left on a high, doing all he could to get the club back into the champions league. But emotions are still very raw, especially as he practically walked out of the backdoor like a coward. I think that was the biggest mistake. Had he come out at the end of the season, looked to embrace the fans and at least explained his actions, he might’ve just been let off. But he said nothing, went off to the euro, sign for PSG and then declared that Milan were in the past.

  8. Milan Fan

    Was always going to happen. There is not one fan base in the world that wouldn’t do the same in similar situation, if not much worse.

  9. Matthew Macri

    First of all whichever Serie A side you support (Juventino here) when it come the the Azzurri out your BS aside

    Support your country not your club 🤬 such stupidity from the “home” fans the game was in Italy

    Second of all the team played well we went down 2-0 and almost fought back Insigne missed a sitter basically that could’ve tied it up

    Bonucci also got a dumb*** yellow card which made it more difficult for us

  10. Mehmet

    Italy shouldn’t play in this stadium ever again. This treatment towards Donnarumma will affecting the whole squad. What he did was perhaps wrong, but he is playing for the NT ffs. It’s a different story if he come and play with PSG.

  11. Trojan

    Mancini is always inter fan
    He don’t like Milan at all. He was looser as player looser on life
    As for $$$ he deserves to be booo he is traitor big one. He never will be in peace.

  12. Tin

    Mancini knows very well that this was going to happen. So why he insisted to play him? So if he lose than Milan fans bcome scapegoat for him

  13. Abdul

    We didn’t get a penny from him after nurturing him for PSG has everything at last and you said we should forgive him.he never ask for forgiveness and we will not forget it easily.if Mancini wants Italy to achieve,he should stop being bias….

  14. Ghazi

    Never understood inclusion of Bastoni and Florenzi and the exclusion of Calabria and Mancini. Clearly he prefers Inter players, but we need to remember Italy are the European champions. Pellegrini is already an idol in Rome and need to start, the question is where and how because VJB are a great combination. Today would’ve been a different match had Italy played with 11 so easy on Mancini.

  15. serie a lover

    milan fans arent the brightest. no players owes a club anything. when a club wants to get rid of a player they use all strong hand tactics to get a player out. milan sound like bittr ex. just move on. those boos not only affected donurumma but the whole squad. the whole atmosphere in the stadium felt off. shame on u milan fans. but i guess these milan fans are happy that donarumma conceded. fools

  16. DiSgusted w boos

    Milan fans who boo’d the keeper should be ashamed of themselves. Disgusted with their inability to distush between national and club level.

  17. Gta

    Donnarumma is still the best after all, he just won euros for Italy so he deserves some respect. Suppose italy just won the cup, will they continue to booo him? I don’t think so. I’m Madrid fan and madrid we do tolerate such behavior. Donnarumma = Eden Hazard. Hazard style has changed to injuries but madrid fan will never booo him if that person really understand football or soccer. It is a game after all and also every there is a mistakes. Due to the mistakes(85%) brings a goal(happiness).

  18. Milan 🇳🇬

    All the fault should be directed to Mancini for starting him in San Siro despite all the signs and emotions milan fans has been showing that hisnt welcome at San Siro,no club fan wont react before that the 1st time they will have an encounter with him,if milan has played PSG before this game he won’t be booed like this but still country 1st the coach should be faulted for this is a great gamble for him to spoil the unbeaten record he should no his goalkeeper well that Dollaruma can’t handle pressure even on pitch when a striker is attacking him sorry to all Italian citizen forza Milan .

  19. Rossoneri

    He derved it, that little rat. And its nations league so relax! We didnt lose the WC final.

  20. Mark

    To Milan fans:

    It’s bad management that milan let him walk for free. It’s also bad management they let Calhonoglu walk for free. It’s also bad management that Kessie will walk for free.

    It’s also bad management they gave Locatelli away for nothing for no reason at all.

  21. Zoro Caloro

    No this isn’t the time for Milan fans to boo Donnarumma but honestly he shouldn’t have started knowing the atmosphere. That said, this guy is a classless person. He gave nothing, literally not a penny back to the club that made him…. nothing. All those badge kisses, all those declarations of love. Sadly we are entering the modern day where clubs mean nothing and it’s all about players and agents but still, people had hope that there were some special players out there who can break the cycle. Yet gigio just proved to be another typical player with a selfish desire. Good keeper, classless individual. Also, totally unrelated but he’s quite an ugly and gangly fellow too.

  22. Donato Totaro

    Agree that he should not have started BOTH Veratti and Jorghino. They suffered against Spain in the Euros so Mancini should have learned from that and played Pellegrini.

  23. Vinnie

    Maybe players should show some loyalty to the fans and accept that their actions create emotions for the people they are supposed to play for?

    Leave the club in the glmost garbage way and prepares to be supported by Mino Raiola and hated by the fans. Your choice go wipe your tears with some Eurobills…

  24. dangerboy

    Milan fans:

    – We’ve moved on from Donnarumma.

    – Magic Mike is so much better. Plus he has a cool nickname.

    – Mignon is better with his feet. Using feet in calcio is important, I’m told.

    – Mignon distributes the ball better. Distributing is very important. Especially with your feet.

    But still: there’s Gigio, BOOOOOOO

  25. Micah97

    The club of AC Milan comes ahead of Donnarumma.If Mancini didn’t want boos,he should have put the game in Bergamo or Turin.What did he expect? Milan gave Donnarumma everything..and he chose to leave without even giving the club a chance to sell him for a bit of profit.
    Milan will never forgive him anymore than Barcelona forgave Figo.
    IF you want to protect Gigio…. don’t play him in our stadium…play in Naples or Udine or Rome.

  26. dangerboy


    I’ll grant you that Bastoni was trash today (at fault for the first goal) but you really don’t want Gianluca Mancini with Italy. He’s not good at all.

    Acerbi is shaky as well.

    There is a shortage of capable CB’s in Italy.

  27. Abdul

    Serie A lover or whatever you call your self,if you don’t know what is so special about Ac Milan go back to school…. We Milan fans don’t insult people but the next time you call milanista fools again I will remind you case you don’t know history sansiro is the history of Italy and the last time Italy lost in this stadium was for the lost go and ask Mancini tell him to stop his bias campaign and play the right players…..

  28. Altro

    It’s disgusting to see someone not seeing the problem of booing your national goalie, but criticizing your coach who brought the europe trope back to Italy, his vision and tactics are proven to be better than yours, what he sees is not only individual ability but it’s team collaboration, just shut up and respect the country.

  29. Corle

    He shouldn’t have played in a clubs stadium and he knew what he was getting into obviously they all did ,nobody should be bias same thing happens all over the world regardless club or country when a player is disliked or disloyal to the club , at least he should have let Milan got a little penny after years of grooming very ungrateful and he knew obviously the club finances isn’t good let alone great , capital profit would have help the club instead of us looking for loan with options to buy all the time . He deserve the atmosphere I was even booing him while watching . ForzaMilano

  30. Rosso Joburg

    Booing Donna is good for the sport. Hopefully it is lesson to players that their actions have consequences.
    This will happen whenever he plays in Milan for the rest of his career.
    Wonderful message to the spoilt rich kids of football.

  31. serie a lover

    once again milan fans talking about donarrumma owing them something. the guy doesnt owe you anything. he represented the club for what 5 or 6 seasons. it isnt his fault that you couldnt find the wages to pay a top keeper but yet you are signing treatment table players like ibra and giroud. you have your priorities twisted. milan fans only made themselves look silly. they are not true azzurri supporters. disgraceful. growup

  32. Italiano

    I’m 63 years old and a Milan fan for over 57 years…..but first and foremost I’ve been an Italian all my life. There’s no question where my bigger loyalty lies as perhaps there is little doubt where the loyalties of those who jeered Donnarumma lie. Each person is free to make their own choices but some lack the judgement to use that choice wisely.

  33. AdeYINKA

    @serie a lover, I see what is going on here. but mind you, Donnarumma shouldn’t have kissed the badge several times when he knew he was still going to leave. He made himself look like a faithful servant before the fans. Then he completely betray their trust by leaving.
    I don’t think he spoke once about Milan after his departure to PSG but just because he was return to milan with the national team for a match, me try to make himself look good by saying he has milan in his heart but left PSG to play…

    He knew what he did!!!

  34. Sammy

    These Milan supporters are acting like he was playing for another club, he was playing for his country, the same country these people are supposedly from. They didn’t have to honour him but why are you booing the Italian national team in Italy.
    Really motivating them to work hard for that Azzurri shirt.

    People are stupid and that’s the problem with Italy’s culture, has limited them from every being truly successful. They have a crab in bucket mentality, it’s about bringing people down, no one can get head, once someone pokes their head out of the pack, people try to tear them down.

    Instead being happy that an Italian player is succeeding international level, wish him well and get on with it, no they put their foreign owned club before anything else.

    Why they’re really mad is that he left for more money and a bigger club, like crabs in bucket they need to tear him down.

    No booing doesn’t teach players anything it just makes them resentful and even less sentimental to clubs. Now these fans are giving them a bitter experience to play for their country.

    There’s a shortage of quality players, and too many leagues and clubs for them to choose, so booing will just not make them not want to play in your country or club. You think you have ownership over Italian players will just motivate quality players to want to play outside of Italy.

  35. Hombre sin nombre

    @serie a lover
    So donna can do whatever he wants for money – you are correct.
    By that logic fans who PAY for the tickets can boo a player if they want to – grow up and get a life troll.

  36. Chris

    The critics on here are absolutely right.. Gigio owes us nothing. Just like we owe Gigio nothing. So because of his own actions he will forever enter San Siro as an adversary.

  37. Inter fan

    As an Inter fan myself, Donnarumma deserves respect that night playing for Italy nt.

  38. Sammy

    Chris are you Italian??. And why is site censoring comments.

    You are obviously not Italian, because then you would be very mistaken, because he is owned something for being one of the main reasons Italy’ won it’s first Euro in 58 years… these selfish fans of no Gratitude to the team that just won the nation the Euro’s.

    isn’t just about the quality of the team it’s the unity it’s working harder for your national shirt, being booed by their own countrymen is anything but a motivator, all for petty politics of foreign owned mid level club.

  39. dangerboy

    “We Milan fans don’t insult people”

    Sure about that? This entire week has been that.

    For an added touch, some even booed the Spanish Anthem.

    Real Classy.

  40. Abdul

    For going free without giving us opportunity to collect something from his transfer we owe him everything.if you raise a child today even if it is a little knowledge he acquired from you “he will never be able to pay you” .however,dollarumma owes Milan everything……

  41. chuckie

    man, in my country there is two clubs that have BLOODY rivalry and i mean real blood spilled between these two teams but when the national team plays, they are regarded as national team and nobody dare to boo or do harm to them just because they are from the other side, we even have players targeted when they move to other rival clubs but it is entirely a different story when they play for our national team, both sides support them to the death. its only when they put they club jersey when the fans divided. milan fans are really trash.

  42. Milan Fan

    @ sammy

    “People are stupid and that’s the problem with Italy’s culture, has limited them from every being truly successful”

    also :

    “he is owned something for being one of the main reasons Italy’ won it’s first Euro in 58 years… these selfish fans of no Gratitude to the team that just won the nation the Euro’s.”

    Boy you are all kinds of stupid. Italy is one of the most successful teams in this sport, with their crab mentality. Maybe other nations should follow that mentality.

  43. Milan Fan

    @ chuckie

    Spilling blood over sport? Where are you from? The jungle? You people are savages then, we don’t spill blood over sport. So mind your own village rivalries. Peasants calling us trash now! lol

  44. chuckie

    @Milan Fan

    yes we are peasants but we are clever enough to see beyond the colors of our clubs for the national team. while you, live in the cities but acting like 3 yo kids when their parents took away their toys and told them to go to bed. screaming like a bunch of puss on your seats. nothing goes beyond your national flag but you dont understand it. ppl like you most likely hide and crying when your country need you. cowards. you are the reasons why your civilizations are declining.

  45. Michael

    Guys. First of all some may put country above club at sporting level. Some say it as if it’s “obvious”, like an unspoken rule. I’m Italian. I barely care about the national team, but I care greatly (well, as much as one can care about millionaires kicking a ball around) about the club. So just because you put the national team above club, it doesn’t make that opinion “right”, it just makes it your opinion, and others may differ.

    Secondly, this isn’t really about club vs country. Milan fans weren’t booing Juve players, or Inter players. They were booing one individual. You say to boo him when Milan play PSG, but how many years before that happens? He just left us under the worst possible circumstances, and has come back and shown his face for the first time at San Siro since then, so he will be booed and insulted.

    You say he owes us nothing, that Milan weren’t strong enough to keep him. In a way, yes to both points. But in another way, the clubs would be nothing without the fans. The players wouldn’t be making their multi million euro salaries without the fans. Football as a professional sport wouldn’t exist without fans. So he does owe us, in a way, and fans whose money helped support his multi million euro salary can certainly have their say. I agree, he doesn’t “owe” us his loyalty – if he wanted to move on, fine, just say so and let the management sell you. Instead he and his agent dragged it out, making ridiculous demands, all so he could leave for free in order to get the largest salary possible. That’s behaviour that shows no gratitude, no respect to the club that made him, and deserves to be booed.

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