Mancini calls 53 young players for Italy trials

by | May 20, 2022 16:35

Italy coach Roberto Mancini has called up 53 players for a training camp from May 24-26, including an Udinese youngster born in 2006.

The plan for the sessions is to give Mancini and his staff the opportunity to see potential Azzurri newcomers in action.

It should also help those from the youth squads to be prepared for a step up to the senior level.

As there are 53 players, they will be split into two groups in two training sessions.

There are 29 Serie A figures, 18 in Serie B and six who play their club football outside of the Peninsula.

The youngest in the group is Udinese creative midfielder Simone Pafundi, who was born in 2006, while the oldest is Empoli goalkeeper Guglielmo Vicario at a ripe old 25.

As the Serie B promotion play-offs are still going on, and Roma will play the Conference League Final against Feyenoord on May 25, those representatives are not included.

The only potential exception is Pisa striker Lorenzo Lucca, who will be called if his team is eliminated from the play-offs early.

Group 1

Raoul Bellanova (Cagliari)
Nicolò Cambiaghi (Pordenone)
Marco Carnesecchi (Cremonese)
Nicolò Casale (Verona)
Giuseppe Caso (Cosenza)
Alessandro Cortinovis (Reggina)
Sebastiano Esposito (Basel)
Denis Franchi (Paris Saint Germain)
Matteo Gabbia (Milan)
Federico Gatti (Frosinone)
Matteo Lovato (Cagliari)
Lorenzo Lucca (Pisa)
Daniel Maldini (Milan)
Filippo Melegoni (Genoa)
Fabiano Parisi (Empoli)
Giacomo Quagliata (Heracles Almelo)
Filippo Ranocchia (Vicenza)
Samuele Ricci (Torino)
Nicolò Rovella (Genoa)
Eddie Anthony Salcedo (Spezia)
Riccardo Sottil (Fiorentina)
Destiny Iyenoma Udogie (Udinese)
Guglielmo Vicario (Empoli)
Emanuel Vignato (Bologna)
Kelvin Yeboah (Genoa)
Nadir Zortea (Salernitana)


Group 2

Tommaso Baldanzi (Empoli)
Riccardo Calafiori (Genoa)
Andrea Cambiaso (Genoa)
Matteo Cancellieri (Verona)
Lorenzo Colombo (Spal)
Diego Coppola (Verona)
Christian Dalle Mura (Pordenone)
Sebastiano Desplanches (Milan)
Salvatore Esposito (Spal)
Nicolò Fagioli (Cremonese)
Gianluca Gaetano (Cremonese)
Wilfried Gnonto (Fussballclub Zurich)
Jean Freddi Pascal Greco (Vicenza)
Caleb Okoli (Cremonese)
Tommaso Mancini (Vicenza)
Tommaso Milanese (Alessandria)
Marco Nasti (Milan)
Gaetano Oristanio (Volendam)
Simone Pafundi (Udinese)
Pietro Pellegri (Torino)
Roberto Piccoli (Genoa)
Alessandro Plizzari (Lecce)
Matteo Ruggeri (Salernitana)
Alessandro Sorrentino (Pescara)
Franco Tongya (Olympique Marseille)
Mattia Viti (Empoli)
Alessandro Zanoli (Napoli)


  1. dENNIS

    if serie a wasn’t so obsessed with producing Argentinians and italy thinking its argentina, we would have seen more of alot of these players, they need to grow in peace and not be trash talked before they have even had opportunities, serie a is pathetic

  2. Ardhi

    No inter/juve youth players?

  3. Dan

    This is a great initiative Mancini. If anything, it may give the respective coaches of the teams who these players are representing a kick up the backside and perhaps implement these youngsters into the senior squad.

  4. Muto

    It is good to see Simone Pafundi and Wilfried Gnonto. However, why exclude Daniele Ghilardi? He is the finest defender under 20.

  5. Milanito

    Where are all the pro-italian fans who think foreign players are destroying the chances of young upcoming national players? I was expecting to see hundreds of comments from you guys on such an important issue. 🧐

    This is great news and a step in the right direction. Clubs and their senior coaches need to follow suit and start trusting the young players more.

  6. mario

    what about chaka traore for acmilan premavera squad!

  7. Gman

    Good job, lining up a list of candidates for potential bribing, lol. 😉

  8. simon

    No miretti?

  9. DIO

    Great news, not in the same way, but Zaniolo was discovered / unleashed pre serie a debut, due to an early call up from Mancini albeit to the senior squad training camp.

    Step in the right direction.


    It’s about time, while you’re at it put Balo for free kicks

  11. Joe Del Monte

    This is great news that should give us all some hope

  12. Vittorio

    Vittorio Parigini should be considered as well.

  13. Vittorio

    Romano Floriani Mussolini

    He should be evaluated for the Nazionale, as well.

  14. Brandon

    Doubt he ever gets capped. Yes, because of THAT reason.

  15. Geo

    This is Mancini initiative. Kudos to him. This is among the reason I want him to stay. He is taking his own-initiative to help the Nazionale. But it won’t work unless they get regular playing time with clubs. Believe if Serie A clubs don’t change their thinking most these players will be called up to Nazionale while playing in Serie B.

  16. Vittorio


    To my point.

    Regardless of Mussolini’s lineage, players ought to be chosen based on quality and potential.

    Mussolini is precisely that kind of player with much potential. He should be called to the Nazionale.

  17. Vittorio

    Christian Volpato should also be called to the senior team before we potentially lose him to Australia.

  18. Brandon

    Agree there.

    Australia still in the running to qualify for 2022 so we could lose him.

  19. Bob

    @ Brandon, that’s the reason I would put him in…

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