Mancini blames ‘s***** last season’ as Roma are welcomed by blizzard in Norway

by | Oct 21, 2021 12:37

Roma defender Gianluca Mancini blames ‘the s***** last season’ as the Giallorossi are welcomed by a blizzard in Norway ahead of the match against Bodo/Glimt in the Conference League. ‘It’s our own fault’.

Coach Jose Mourinho posted a video of the team in Norway, where La Lupa are preparing to play in the snow.

The Italian centre-back commented on the blizzard that welcomed the Serie A side ahead of tonight’s match in the Conference League.

Conference League | Probable line-ups: Bodo/Glimt vs. Roma

After four hours in a plane, Roma are preparing to play on a synthetic pitch at Aspmyra Stadium in the hostile climate north in Norway.

Mourinho posted a video with the caption: “Our family landed in Bodø. Cold? Windy? Artificial pitch? Who cares, lets play and give people what they love… Football… 400 Roma supporters travelled… that’s love… Thanks a lot”

But everyone wasn’t happy, Mancini blamed last season for having to play in northern Norway.

“It’s only our fault,” Mancini told the group on the pitch. “I blame the s***** season last year.”


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  1. dangerboy

    Where’s the snow? Those white dots and streaks in the picture?

    That’s not a blizzard.

  2. Scott

    What’s the swear word Mancini is using?

  3. Michael

    Probably s*****

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