Manchester United director John Murtough is in Turin this evening to negotiate personal terms for Adrien Rabiot after Juventus agreed a €17m plus bonuses fee.

The midfielder is in the final year of his contract with the Bianconeri and not part of coach Max Allegri’s plans, so was left out of their pre-season tour of the United States.

Juventus have already agreed a fee worth €17m plus add-ons to sell Rabiot to Manchester United.

Now the Premier League club must negotiate personal terms with Rabiot’s agent and mother, Veronique, a notoriously tough person to deal with when it comes to getting the best deal for her son.

According to Sky Sport Italia, Goal and others, Manchester United director Murtough arrived in Turin today, but the first real meeting will be tomorrow.

It is reported Rabiot expects a raise to move to Old Trafford, from the €7m per season he currently earns at Juventus.

The minimum demand is therefore €7.5m per season net.

10 thought on “Manchester United prepare meeting with Juventus midfielder Rabiot”
  1. £17m is a pitiful profit to make if any considering he is on £7m a year and doing it for 3 years and scored a lousy 5 times. What a joke a of a club. Taking on free players, give them huge salaries and literally impossible to shift. Look at Ramsey and Arthur, not exactly fillet mignon more like rotten fish bones. Joke of a club.

  2. @Juventus Pub Team of Europe: You do realise you just come across as a salty, jealous person, right? Juve is by far the most successful club in Italy of the past decade, which obviously explains your envie.

  3. @Zambro, you are quite in mentioning the dominance in Italy. @Pub team also makes a point as the clue is Europe. The only club team in Italy that is part of European royalty is AC Milan. Dare I say even Inter have more.

  4. Pub team – ‘Joke of a club’? You could say that with Paratici still there as he caused all the damage. Now that he has been removed, the club is working hard to clear the rubbish that he purchased. 69 trophies won across multiple competitions – that makes the rest of the clubs in Italy a bigger joke. Remember, jealousy is a curse.

  5. Justin – learn your history son. Juventus has a total of 9 European trophies across all European competitions. Still the only European club to have won every single European trophy on offer. In relation to the UCL, Juve is in the top 5 best performing clubs in that competition since the inception of the UCL on points earned basis (not Milan, not Inter). Yes, Milan have won 7 UCLs, but let’s be honest and realistic here, no Italian club will win the UCL again, the gap is just too big with the richer leagues and only getting wider. You only need to see Serie A’s summer transfers – overall, this transfer period has been the worst of the last 10 years.

  6. @Monte perhaps you should read more carefully. I think Justin was being impartial and just stating the facts. He didn’t disrespect Juventus in anyway and even acknowledged Juve’s domestic success.

    As far as the UCL goes, points do not count for anything. Like Fifa rankings nobody cares. The only thing that counts are victories. Like it or not Milan are the only Italian team that is in that bracket.

  7. Sak ma kak all who is arguing between italian teams, until you arguing serie a becomin 8th strongest league in europe, sak ma kak you fags

  8. Juve haters never cease to amaze me. Keep up the good work! Yes, Juve should have won more finals, there’s no point in beating around the bush here, but the club is one of the best and most successful ones in the world anyway, definitely being part of the European Royalty/Elite or whatever you want to call it. So is AC Milan, so is Inter, and of course some other elite clubs out there. Chill guys, why always so aggressive/patronizing? Let’s enjoy the upcoming season! Forza Juve, Forza Serie A!

  9. Please be a good mom and let your son go somewhere he can flourish his talents at ruining teams and leading them into EFL League TWO

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