According to reports in Italy this evening, Manchester City are intensifying talks with Rafael Leao’s father and offering him €12m per season wages, double what Milan can provide.

Just this morning, La Gazzetta dello Sport had claimed Leao was leaning towards accepting a new contract at San Siro with a proposal worth €6.5m per season plus bonuses.

However, now Tuttomercatoweb insist Manchester City have made a sudden surge in their contacts with Leao’s father and are ready to practically double that salary to €12m per season.

He is still under contract with Milan until June 2024 and a January sale remains improbable, but at the right price of over €100m, it could be done.

The Rossoneri have lost several players as free agents in recent years, including Gianluigi Donnarumma, Hakan Calhanoglu and Franck Kessie, so are determined not to fall for the same situation again.

Time is running out for Leao to give them a response on his future, but rejecting the Milan offer would open it up to a bidding war with Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United also involved.

Meanwhile, Leao sent a message via Instagram this evening, noting he was training with Milan again: “Back home.”

13 thought on “Manchester City offer to double Rafael Leao’s Milan salary”
  1. As an EPL fan I would like to thank all you peasant Italian clubs for training these players for us. Your farmers league is very beneficial to us.

  2. That bidding will never end!
    We should cash in for lots of money and let him go!
    I will predict that he will not be as good in EPL!

  3. Farmers League? 🙄 The EPL has very natural talented players, at least the Farmers’ League has produced Ballon D’ Winners before, EPL zero!
    Forza Milan !!! 💕🥰

  4. The bigger issue is how will the Italians combat this. Do not forget they are stuck in a medieval time warp, yearning for the old days, never improvise, innovate and biaaaatch about other leagues plundering their talent.

  5. Maybe Mike you might ask yourself why your great EPL league needs to pilfer from Italian teams who scout talent, know how to develop them, teach them in the technical and tactical skills needed to win because they have the best coaches in the world and become complete players? Maybe that’s why England have won……nothing Internationally since 1966. And even that victory was dubious. Forza Serie A!

  6. Well said Donato & RossoNero83.

    Imagine getting beat on home soil in a packed Euro final at Wembley from the peasants…love it. Without our players and coaches EPL will be a less quality league.

    Sing along now…Sweet Caroline…It’s Coming Home!!!

  7. The same farmers league that produces world cup win after win. Hey Mike how are England doing? Lol

  8. I could only imagine that these sorts of wages would usually involves no transfer fee. Is this a veiled ‘encouragement’ for him to run down his contract at Milan?

    But then again this is City, they can afford to splash 100M on top of the proposed salary.

  9. Man City will become very strong with Leao and Haaland.

    And regarding comments about Farmer’s League. The EPL is financially very strong. But this is not reflected in Ingurland results. Everyone knows how second rate the national team is. Also an English manager has never won the CL or the Europa League or even the domestic PL. Ingurland has imported talent from around the EU and money from the Middle East to a hive their dominance.

  10. City are not an English club, they are a front for Abu Dhabi. That front for Abu Dhabi must be looking to buy a Grealish type but one who is not terrible.

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