Manchester City consider free transfer move for Dybala?

Juventus Genoa

Several top clubs in Europe have been linked with signing Paulo Dybala as a free agent in the summer and according to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Manchester City are considering offering the Argentinean a €10m-a-year contract.

That’s exactly how much Juventus and Dybala had reportedly agreed only a few months ago when the striker seemed on the verge of extending his expiring contract with the Old Lady.

However, Juventus will change the terms of the agreement in their next meeting with Dybala in February.

According to multiple reports, Juventus’ proposal will be much lower. Tuttosport even revealed last week that Dybala and the other five Juventus players with an expiring contract could be offered a 15% pay cut.

In this scenario, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, Inter and Manchester City have reportedly set their sights on the 28-year-old.

Liverpool approach Dybala after Juventus split

According to the latest report of La Gazzetta dello Sport, Pep Guardiola has demanded the signing of the Argentinean, and City could offer him a €10m-a-year deal, more than any other suitor so far.

Dybala joined Juventus from Palermo in a €40m deal in 2015. He has scored 111 goals in 276 appearances with the Old Lady.

9 Comments on “Manchester City consider free transfer move for Dybala?”

  1. Juventus are mad if they let him leave for free!!!! Give him the 10 mill contract. If he had a contract running out in a year they could offer 6-7 mill. But now it’s too late. We Need Dybala, Chiesa and Vlahovic as our strikers-

  2. Juve need to get back to basis. Scoring goals! They should sort his contract and juve would have one of the best front 3s in Europe. Let the high earners who do play go and send Morata back as unfortunatley he has been poor. Juve have Kean and Jorge as backup.

  3. Anyone else think the stories of interest from Liverpool, and Manchester City are coming from Dybala’s agents?

    Calling Juve’s bluff.

    He is not worth 10m per annum, and is realising this.

  4. Just let him go
    Dybala is not Messi, even not Ronaldo
    He is not near anywhere of Neymar also
    So let him go will free some of the wage bills and Juve can find another replacement in cheaper condition or maybe even from primavera

  5. City would make more sense for him then Liverpool as they are really technical, but Pep will be leaving once his contract expires, so who knows.

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