Man United’s Pogba joining Juventus much more than just ‘statement’

by | May 21, 2022 11:29

Recent reports in the Italian media have suggested Paul Pogba is on the brink of signing for Juventus and, if so, that would be a huge coup for the Turin giants.

Every one of Pogba’s transfers throughout his career have been viewed as a statement in one way or another but we are still talking about one of the world’s best midfielders.

Former Juve director Beppe Moratta, who now works at Inter, labelled Pogba his best piece of business. His justification was not because of anything delivered on the pitch but because he signed the France international on a free and he was sold four years later for a then world-record €105 million fee.

Similarly that transfer which took him back to Manchester United was also billed a statement of intent from a club looking to get back to its glory days.

Despite the Premier League’s riches, very rarely had an English club convinced a player to leave a top European side while in his prime – and where he was still wanted – and join them.

Pogba was seen as breakthrough signing for United with his footballing ability among the least talked about aspects of the deal leading up to completion.

And again, Juve are showing they are still an attractive option for top players despite their recent struggles both domestically and abroad.

Available on a free, United would have liked to keep Pogba, while there was reported interest from Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid, Barcelona and even Manchester United. But it appears he has chosen Juve.

If that is the case then it’s great for Juve because they are signing one of the world’s best midfielders. That is what’s important here.

Pogba is a World Cup-winner and an integral part of the France side which stormed to victory in Russia. He was the leader on the pitch, as demonstrated by his rousing half-time team talk during the win over Croatia.

The 29-year-old is one of the best at switching play from one end of the pitch to the other: whether that be with his raking passes or his ability to run with the ball while holding off challenges.

He has the ability to change a game in an instant and pick a team-mate out on the other side of the pitch to start an attack from seemingly nothing.

Like all footballers, Pogba is flawed but the situation at United was so toxic that no one has been able to flourish. He has been terribly mismanaged throughout his entire time at the club. While it doesn’t absolve him of any blame, it does explain a lot of the difficulties he has endured.

Juve are also a team in transition and Pogba is clearly in need of a fresh start and to feel the love – something he will get in abundance with the Old Lady.

He would again be playing under Massimiliano Allegri, under whom he produced arguably the best football of his career and he could be the figurehead of the new Juve project. The force which gets Juve to become relevant again in the Champions League.

Yes, Pogba signing would be proof Juve can still compete with Europe’s biggest and best but the main positive here is the quality they are signing.


  1. Louch

    Torni a casa Polpo andiamoooooooooo

  2. NOrata

    Yeah a statement of second helpings.

  3. DB Milan

    “one of the world’s best midfielders”


  4. Bianconero

    Pogba will be great as long as juve have another cm that can tackle. At juve Pogba had Vidal. Then juve had Matuidi. Can Zakaria be that guy? Time will tell.

  5. erffd

    juve again trying to intimidate Inter and Milan with big names like when they buy de licht, ronaldo, vlahovic.. and when they bring back Allegri. did it help them before?

  6. Mez

    Juve are still an attractive option for some of the best players?????????


    it s more like the graveyard for the unwanted !!!!

  7. DAN inter

    this euforia is always come even when arthur from barcelona and locatelli but the result on the pitch they miss buffon chiellini and ronaldo

  8. NOrata

    DB Milan – yes, he has a World Cup under his belt. How many current midfielders can say that?

  9. Farid

    We still need a lot more than just Pogba. The left back, right back and forward positions are still a real concern. Also the defence. How dumb was it to get rid of Romero and Demiral.

  10. Samy Ibrahim

    Mez, u exhcnaged milan midlfield with juve bro. Pogba is not salemakers


  11. DB Milan

    That’s the only thing anyone says about him. You know why? Its all he’s done since 2016 and he didn’t do it it himself.

    If he’s suddenly amazing at Juve it will only show how far Serie A has fallen.

  12. Debu

    @DB, nah, you are just jealous. Pogba is still amazing. It hurts when you realize Pogba is coming to Juve and you stuck with Saelemakers.

  13. FERBAN

    Only a complete and utter tool would call this clown arriving back “a huge coup for Juventus

    He’s talented, for sure, but has hardly broken into a sweat in 5 years at MU.

    Shows how far Serie A has fallen when people are delighted that cast-offs from other leagues are seen as “huge coups”.

    Remember when Serie A used to offload these players on other leagues? Now it’s the opposite.

  14. DB Milan

    “Pogba is still amazing”
    Hahahahahaha oh man, in FIFA maybe. Give me a player who actually works, like Saelemaekers, any day.

    100% Look at them, lapping this guys return up like the second coming of Christ.

  15. DB Milan

    Yeah, he’s amazing. In FIFA, not in reality. The Milan comparison would be Tonali and there is no comparison. Washed up vs up and coming.

  16. Frankie

    Amazing hearing the salty comments from Inter and Milan supporters. You’d think they’ve won 9 scudetti in a row or something.


    Pogba started playing again this season, however there are concerns about his consistency. Still good marketing for Serie A.

    Any of you journalists know what Juventus will be paying him?

    Dybala money +other`s going into his pocket for sure.

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