Maldini warns Milan: ‘Forget about title celebrations’

Milan director Paolo Maldini warns the Rossoneri that they must forget title celebrations, but remember how they achieved last season’s target.

The Rossoneri have returned to training today ahead of the new season. Not all the players showed up at Milanello as those on international duty at the end of the season have had a few extra days off.

“The boys had a deserved break after such a great season. Those memories are still fresh in mind. It’s right to keep in mind how we got to that title, but also turn the page and focus on our aims for this season,” Maldini told Milan TV.

“We must forget for a second what happened after the Sassuolo game. It is something that will be with us forever and that has boosted this group’s confidence even more, but we go again, every year is different.

“We are still missing a few players because some of the boys were away on international duty at the end of the season. We’ll have them all here from July 15-16,” the former defender revealed.

“Not all being here, we kind of lack that full team spirit because a lot of them don’t know each other, with a few coming back from loans. It’s the first day, we’ll have a better routine from tomorrow.

“I always say that this day at Milanello is never normal, but it must always be special. It’ll be a day like those that set us apart last year.”

What season does he expect now that the World Cup is played in November?

“We need to get used to it, we got used to COVID, suspended games and behind closed doors, so we need to get accustomed. This season will be divided into two and we need to see it as such,” he said.

“It will be a long period of inactivity for those not going to the World Cup, so we’ll have a break and then go again.

“We have to prepare the team, set our goals for the season, we need to manage the group. A lot of things go into making this work great if you can call it work.”

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  1. That is why I like this guy. He is not resting on his laurels, but sadly for Maldini, there is a lot of uncertainty with this Red Bird group. By the time they takeover, the transfer market will be shut and the season well under way. Maybe Milan will have to wait another year to see if they will invest.

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