Lukaku expresses Chelsea regrets and Inter reunion hopes

by | Dec 30, 2021 18:22

Romelu Lukaku gave a remarkable interview with Sky Sport Italia, apologising to Inter fans for the way he left, hoping to play for them again ‘not at the end of my career’ and admitting he ‘cannot be happy with the situation’ at Chelsea.

The striker was a key figure in Antonio Conte’s team that won the Serie A title in 2019 and was a hero to the fans, but after two seasons at San Siro that revitalised his career, he forced a move to Stamford Bridge.

Supporters turned on the 28-year-old and called him a ‘traitor’ for demanding the €115m transfer back to his old club Chelsea, where he had already played in 2011-12.

Now Lukaku has given a frank interview with Sky Sport Italia, confessing he regrets quite a few of his decisions made last summer.

“After two years in Italy, where I worked so hard at Inter with the fitness staff and nutritionist, I feel better than ever,” said the Belgium international.

“However, I am not happy with the situation at Chelsea, that is normal. I think the coach chose to play a different system, I just have to not give up, keep working and be professional. I am not happy with the situation, but I’m a hard worker and I mustn’t give up.”

Asked to look back over his summer and the manner of his exit from San Siro, Lukaku confesses to regrets.

“It wasn’t meant to happen like that. The way I left Inter, the way I communicated with the fans, this annoys me, because this might not be the right time to say it, but back then it didn’t feel like the right moment either.

“Now I think it’s right to speak, because I said that I will always have Inter in my heart and I genuinely hope to one day go back to play there. I am in love with Italy, this is the time to let people know what really happened, without bad-mouthing anyone, because that’s not my style.”

Only snippets of the interview have been released, as the rest will air on Sky Sport Italia on December 31.

“I want to apologise to Inter fans, because I think the way I left should’ve been done differently. I should’ve spoken to you first, because the things you did for me, for my family, my mother, my son, those will stay with me for the rest of my life.

“I really, genuinely from the bottom of my heart hope to come back to Inter, not at the end of my career, but while I am still at the level to win more trophies.”


  1. Cypher

    A snake taking his fellow snakes for fools.

    Epic. Inter deserves this.

  2. Abyss

    Inter is better without you. Maybe go join Rube, they need a striker and you want Italy

  3. InterFan75

    You’re always welcome back to us. What about next season with big drop of price? 😛


    He is SOOO OVERRATED !! Chelsea plays better without him than with him – is it a surprise to anyone ? At Man Utd before going to Inter he had only scored 1 goal against the top 6 teams so why is anyone surprised that he sucks in the EPL ? Just do what winston bogarde did at Chelsea and sit on your rear end, do nothing and collect a paycheck !!

  5. Milan Fan

    Not everyone is Zlatan, able to perform anywhere and everywhere, to the age of 40. This guy thought he’s conquered the world after one great season. Now comes the reality check.


    I’m a huge inter fan and all I can say is – thank you Lukaku for helping Inter get back in their place. You were amazing and a player like you will always be great to have. To all the haters – this is football, things like that happen and he is a person that made a human choice. Stop judging for no reason just to express your daily anger.


    @Cypher… He helped us to win and we made a great profit selling him… Check JuBe’s snakes though, the one who ruined your club in almost matter of 2 years!

    Epic. JuBe deserves more than this.

  8. Rosario

    haha. It didn’t take long for the turncoat to show his true colours. Where will he go next?

  9. frankie

    To who calls himself I miss Juve in Serie B, always remember this – Inter only ever wins the Serie A when Juve is going through a rebuilding phase. When Juve is at the top of its game Inter NEVER, EVER gets even close. Lukaku is the perfect Inter player – never plays well when it really counts – I hope your CCP owned club brings him back.

  10. Ruben's miss Beppe Marotta @ Rubentus

    1 goal against top 6? He scored a second half hat trick for WBA against Man U I SAFs last game in charge, May 2013.


    HE SCORE MORE THAN ANY JUVE FORWARD THIS SEASON BTW, rubentus fans so salty about lukaku.

  12. Inter bells

    @REAL PERSON.. Sorry fratello but I think it’s a bit reductive to label all criticism interisti have for Lukaku as venting of daily anger. The guy made a promise that “He was going nowhere” when the club was at a very vulnerable stage.
    Working on that knowledge the club sold Hakimi to settle the sales we needed.
    Subsequently it became clear that Haaland wouldn’t join Chelsea and suddenly his “love for Inter” waned somewhat and he put in a transfer request.
    If he had put in a request at the start of the window he could have left with best wishes and we would probably still have Haki.
    This for me is quite a strange demonstration of love and promises,I’d be disappointed if he returned.
    This for me is the reason for most fans resentment.

  13. The Ghost of fangio

    The wages he’s on make this a not point and it ain’t gonna happen. Thanks Rom as always, your 2 seasons with Inter was more than what many achieved over double or even triple that. Wish you the best at Chelski.

  14. MIL_INT

    He made a mistake and is man enough to admit it. Move on from and let him come back if he wants to. As long as it benefits Inter, who cares? Forza

  15. MIL_INT

    He made a mistake and is man enough to admit it. Move on from it and let him come back if he wants to. As long as it benefits Inter, who cares? Forza

  16. Inter bells

    Man enough to blame the coach and the tactics rather try to integrate? Tuchel has a couple of dogdy results and he’s out with the knife.
    So if he moves back and doesn’t hit the ground running, is it unreasonable to think he might do the same thing with Inzaghi?

  17. Interisti


    Now the tables have turned, inter is at the top of their game and will dominate Italy for the next few season, and juve will struggle for the next few seasons

  18. SArcone

    That is the circle of life and how football goes, just look at La Liga and the English league. Nobody will ever come close to winning 9 league titles in a row, well at least not in my lifetime.

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