Lukaku and Inter fans have warm reunion

Despite the official ultras groups boycotting Romelu Lukaku’s return from Chelsea, regular Inter fans flocked to welcome the striker back and he was clearly loving it.

The Belgium international had joined Inter from Manchester United for €74m in 2019 and proved pivotal in their Serie A title victory.

After 64 goals and 16 assists in 95 competitive games, he pushed for a transfer to Chelsea for €113m, but immediately regretted that decision and has been trying to orchestrate a return to San Siro for months.

The official ultras groups released a statement warning he would need to ‘win back’ their trust and love just a year after his departure, so would not actively jeer him, but not cheer either.

Regular fans aren’t so strict and have flocked to welcome Lukaku back, the 29-year-old leaning out the window of the CONI centre where he underwent his medical to salute the supporters, then doing the same from the top balcony of Inter headquarters where he signed the contract.

It is a one-season loan at a cost of €8m plus bonuses, with Lukaku accepting a 35 per cent pay cut to push through this move.

10 Comments on “Lukaku and Inter fans have warm reunion”

  1. The return of the donkey king. He couldn’t cut it at Man Utd and flopped at Chelsea again. Good to see him come back to the farmers league where he will hit 25 goals a season.

  2. Reyes
    The who you shàmefully called donkey was the top scorer in chelsea who finished 3rd in the league. So what are the others?

  3. LMAO😂😂😂

    Go get em @Reyes. I always like to see the woke people arrive on queue and time for their periods. @Jimmy tell me, where is the racism in what he has said? Donkey = YOU. Get a life loser and go work on your mental problems.

    It is true. Lukaku has been given chances in England, but was not up to task to take those opportunities. In Italy he will deffo score loads but that is down to the sub standard quality of the league.

  4. @Yusef Khaidi… I think you need to work on your mental problems more than anybody else. Somebody offends, another responds and you go bananas, go figure!

  5. Lukaku has proven himself in the EPL in general as he scored over 100 goas there. But it’s also true that he failed in the big english clubs, MU & Chelsea, eventhough he still outscored his teammates. Lukaku is among the best forwards in the world but only when he’s in his comfort zone. Perhaps he’s kinda weak in mentality, crumble under immense pressure when expected to deliver.
    Inter were his comfort zone and hopefully still are.

  6. As a neutral he is a really good striker but has no loyalty. I remember the same fans called him a traitor last year and now everything is forgotten. Great move and business from Marotta but he is nowhere at the level of Benzema, Lewandowski or a prime Suarez. Those players deliver in the biggest games time and again.

  7. Thing is that the style of football differs in each country. Further more if your so called teammates decide to cut you off the game you could be Messi X 2 and still be in the wilderness on the pitch.
    Lukaku won us the league because he scored against the low profile teams and won us valuable points. Something we did not do this season and thus threw away the league.

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