Lukaku already back in Italy ahead of Inter move

Romelu Lukaku seemingly can’t wait to come back to Italy, as ahead of the transfer from Chelsea to Inter, he is on vacation in the Peninsula.

The striker speaks fluent Italian, one of seven languages he can comfortably converse in, and thoroughly enjoyed his two years at Inter.

He expressed regret almost immediately after the €113m move to Stamford Bridge and has been pushing for a return to San Siro.

That deal is done, on loan for circa €8m plus add-ons and accepting a 35 per cent pay cut to ensure it all goes through smoothly.

Meanwhile, Lukaku can’t wait to get back to Italian soil, or at least its waters, as he published a video on Instagram Stories showing him on a yacht floating off the Costa Smeralda.

That means the Belgian is on vacation in Sardinia, which is also where many of the Serie A players tend to spend their summer holidays.

6 Comments on “Lukaku already back in Italy ahead of Inter move”

  1. What an upgrade over Dzeko.

    And he will be fresh too, having not played that many minutes. Although I was surprised to see that he has actually scored 22 goals in the last calendar year, 9 were for Belgium, not for Chelsea.

  2. respect to push for a transfer with 35% salary deduction and not rotten on the bench like some other football stars who put money above playing. this is an indication he wants to be back to an environment where he will thrive and be happy. We didn’t forgive you yet but hopefully your goals will change our mind

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