Luiz Felipe and Joao Pedro receive first Azzurri call ups

by | Jan 24, 2022 17:56

Roberto Mancini has given Luiz Felipe and Joao Pedro their first Azzurri call ups ahead of this international break.

The Italian coach is hard at work preparing a squad for the upcoming World Cup play-offs against North Macedonia and the winner of Portugal-Turkey, and he is looking to strengthen his team ahead of these crucial games.

As seen in an official announcement, Luiz Felipe and Joao Pedro have both been given their first call ups to the Italian national team. Both players are Brazilian natives but have Italian heritage, and they’re the latest in the line of oriundi to play for the Azzurri, with recent examples being Emerson Palmieri and Jorginho.

The 24-year-old Luiz Felipe has been a core part of Maurizio Sarri’s Lazio squad this season and has impressed, whilst Joao Pedro has been one of the few bright spots for a struggling Cagliari this season, scoring 10 goals in 23 league matches.


  1. Matt

    When in doubt, call in the mercenaries.

  2. Milan Fan

    They’re not good enough for the Azzurri. Calling up Jorginho is one thing, but a 30-year-old Joao Pedro is another.

  3. Leon Delgaudio

    Why isn’t Caprari in there. He is one of the best players this season and don’t get a call up that is crazy

  4. Leon Delgaudio

    Why does he always pick Cristante as well. He isn’t good enough

  5. Donato Totaro

    We are in BIG trouble if we are calling up these players, Pedro, Felipe, Balotelli, Sensi, wow….

  6. Rosario

    Finally Cragno gets a much deserved call up. many many many years too late.

  7. Frank

    Where is Verratti?

  8. Joe t


  9. Marco

    Forza Azzurri! I have faith in you until the end ! The people doubting now will change their outlook come the end of March.

  10. FABIO26

    Why isn’t Donnarumma on that list???

  11. Tom

    No Ibanez from Roma? Might as well add him to

  12. Kam

    @Fabio Injured.

    It’s good to see player’s like Tonali, Ricci, Frattesi and Fagoli getting called up.

    But is it better to call-up Balotelli and Joao Pedro or Lucca and Colombo? Even if they don’t play they get to experience been apart of the NT setup since they could be apart of the future.

  13. Vieri

    Seriously what’s with Mancini and calling up bench players? Vicario has been the best keeper in the league this season and even Provedel has been a monster in recent weeks but noooo, let’s call up Meret who hasn’t been playing regularly, Sirigu who’s struggling with relegation battle, and a Serie B player instead of the most in form players in Serie A.

    That goes for Luperto, Simone Bastoni, Caprari, and Pinamonti as well. Can you imagine playing at a high level in your nation’s top league and then got ditched for naturalized players who are either old or not good enough as well as Balotelli who’s in a so-so form in freaking Turkey?

  14. beavis

    I didn’t even know He was Italian

  15. Pragola

    What makes Luiz Felipe Ramos change his mind?

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