Luis Alberto: ‘Sarri has a stronger personality than Inzaghi’

by | Oct 12, 2021 12:42

Lazio midfielder said Maurizio Sarri has a ‘stronger personality’ than former coach Simone Inzaghi, as the Aquile prepares to face Inter this weekend.

The Spanish midfielder appeared in an interview with Rivista Undici and compared the two coaches, as Sarri replaced Inzaghi this summer.

The former Napoli coach arrived from a sabbatical year, while Inzaghi moved on to pastures new with the reigning champions Inter.

Luis Alberto spoke very highly of Inzaghi, who left Lazio after five years in charge, and admitted Sarri has a ‘different personlity’,

“Inzaghi was a friend, a father to all of us,” Luis Alberto said. “Sarri has a different personality, he’s stronger.

“He has a wonderful idea of the game, we saw it at Napoli and Empoli. In my opinion, Lazio will have a lot of fun in two or three months.

“I don’t know if we will win anything, but we will certainly have a lot of fun. And it will be very complicated for our opponents.

“Our qualities are very similar to his Napoli. In fact, in some respects, I think we are even better.”

The midfielder is certain Sarri can bring ‘great things’ to Lazio, despite admitting the Biancocelesti need time under Sarri.

“We know we are a team under construction,” he continued. “We need to understand what the coach asks of us, then we will be able to achieve great things.”

Luis Alberto


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