According to reports, President Claudio Lotito wanted his lawyers to request LazioMilan be replayed due to refereeing errors, following on from the Belgian Pro League.

The Biancocelesti were furious at the officiating from Marco Di Bello in that Serie A match, which saw them finish with three red cards against Luca Pellegrini, Adam Marusic and Matteo Guendouzi.

Lotito pledged in several television interviews to take “action” against the authorities, but kept the situation rather vague.

The Corriere dello Sport now suggests that Lotito asked his lawyers to request the entire match be replayed due to ‘technical errors’ from the referee and VAR.

He was hoping to follow in the footsteps of the Belgian Pro League, where their disciplinary council accepted a Genk appeal that the “laws of the game were misapplied” during the match with Anderlecht.

In that situation, a penalty was saved and should’ve been retaken due to encroachment.

However, this was an objective decision, whereas all the ones Lazio protested against Milan were subjective and therefore up to the interpretation of the referee and VAR.

Liverpool would’ve had far more of a case when VAR made a mistake in communicating to the referee that the Luis Diaz goal against Tottenham was onside.

However, the Premier League did not consider a replay of that fixture.

Lotito is still preparing a ‘dossier’ of what he claims are refereeing errors against Lazio and this is all part of a wider battle for the Lega Serie A to break away from the FIGC and create its own Premier League style division.

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