FIGC rejects Lotito’s trust to sell Salernitana

by | Jun 29, 2021 10:50

According to ANSA, the FIGC has rejected Claudio Lotito’s attempt to pass over the ownership of Salernitana to a blind trust, giving until Saturday to ‘solve the problems.’

The paperwork was sent on Friday by the holding companies that control Salernitana: one belonging to Lotito’s son Enrico and the other one owned by his brother-in-law Marco Mezzarona.

However, according to ANSA, the FIGC has rejected Lotito’s attempt to put Salernitana into a trust waiting for the club’s sale, considering it ‘not a real blind trust’ due to the ‘process of choosing the members of the trust and the rules provided for in its management.’

The FIGC has given until Saturday at 8 pm Italy time to ‘solve all the problems.’

Lazio President Lotito must sell the Salernitana as one man cannot own two clubs in the same division due to a conflict of interest.

It is also prohibited to sell the club to relatives up to the fourth degree.

If he fails to do so, the Granata could be docked points or even prevented from taking part in the 2021-22 Serie A season.


epa08087717 SS Lazio owner and president Claudio Lotito arrives at Fiumicino airport, near Rome, Italy, 23 December 2019, as the team arrived back home after winning the Supercoppa Italiana 2109 against Juventus, which was played in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Lazio won 3-1. EPA-EFE/TELENEWS


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