Lotito puts Salernitana into trust awaiting sale

Salernitana fans celebrate promotion

With just over an hour to spare, Lazio President Claudio Lotito officially sent the paperwork to the FIGC passing over ownership of Salernitana to a blind trust, who have six months to complete a sale.

He had until midnight tonight Italian time to resolve the situation following Salernitana’s promotion from Serie B, as one man cannot own two clubs in the same division due to a conflict of interest.

If he had not placed Salernitana into a trust, the team could’ve been docked points or even prevented from taking part in the 2021-22 Serie A season.

According to Calciomercato.com, Lotito sent the form to the Federation at 22.15 Italian time on Friday night.

A statement from Salernitana confirmed the ownership has been handed over to a blind trust.

The trust now has six months to complete the sale of the club.

Salernitana are now under the guidance of CEO General Ugo Marchetti and the paperwork has been acknowledged by the FIGC.

There have been negotiations and offers, with the latest and seemingly most solid coming from Leeds United patron Andrea Ravezzani.

Lotito has been criticised for leaving the situation to the last minute, putting Salernitana’s promotion at risk.

This will be their first Serie A campaign for 23 years.