Lotito in ‘heated confrontation’ with Lazio players

by | Oct 25, 2021 19:34

Lazio President Claudio Lotito had ‘a heated confrontation’ with the squad during their training retreat, it’s reported.

The Aquile were placed under lockdown in the Formello ground, so not allowed to go home to their families between sessions, following a 4-1 Serie A defeat to Hellas Verona on Sunday afternoon.

It is not clear how long that situation will go on for, but it is to help the team better prepare and focus for the midweek round against Fiorentina.

According to Lazionews.eu, President Lotito was also present at the training ground and had lunch with the team after the morning session.

Director of sport Igli Tare and coach Maurizio Sarri were already present.

At this stage, it’s reported there was a ‘heated confrontation’ between Lotito and the players, in which he ordered them to step up their performances.

The Biancocelesti have been remarkably inconsistent, in recent weeks beating Roma and Inter, yet also losing to minnows Bologna and Verona.

Claudio Lotito


  1. Mr lazio

    This guy! Invest then! We have poor alternatives l! 20m on Muriqi no back up centre backs with quality! Man wants champagne for lemonade prices! He is as much to blame along with Tare


    Lazio is a Joke. They should close their doors and move out of the city. That bald eagle they bring out is pathetic. As soon as they lose they shove the eagle back in its cage and take it away. It’s hilarious. Roma should be the only club representing Roma. No need for these clowns. Having said that any Lazio player in a Azzurri jersey will always respect.

    Roma for life, now and forever.


    In fairness to the players, they’ve probably overachieved over the years for Lazio, given he spends little on them and the majority of the squad are average.

    He seems more interested in quantity over quality, though, and that’s his fault.

    Currently, Lazio have 50 players on their books, and they’ve had even more in the past.

    Instead of spending wages on 50 players who are largely average, cheap foreigners, how about trimming that down by over 20 and have a more talented squad with a strong 11 and solid back-up throughout?

  4. Mak E pizza

    Love Baggio – Whilst it is obvious that Lazio are in a difficult position at the moment and things certainly aren’t going as well as hoped, it’s roma who are the joke. What have you won recently? Lazio consistently win cups and even if we don’t make the Champions League, or we get knocked out of the Europa early, at least we don’t get regularly humiliated with heavy defeats like roma. Bodo Glimt anyone!

  5. Lazio2000

    Cheap team, buying cheap players and expecting to win trophies.. Until we stop being stingy with spending its this inconsistency that we would face every day…hysaj is a typical example of inconsistency. I would choose redundant Jordan lukaku over that dude…


    This is Sarriball ! He lasted 1 year at Chelsea, 1 year at Juve and let’s see how long he lasts at Lazio. To beat Roma and Inter he slightly tweaked his tactics after studying video footage. With the small teams he’s too lazy to do that – he’s so arrogant that he thinks that his style of soccer will beat the minnows hands down so instead of watching video footage he sits at his desk smoking. This is not a Lazio problem – this is a Sarri problem!! Remember when Juve was up 2-0 against Milan and lost 4-2 ? Supercoppa lost to Lazio 3-1 ? it’s his soccer that sucks. When your soccer is tactically inferior as a coach you sit and study and work and train and if you have to lose sleep to do that every 3 days you do that because that;s your job !!

    Lotito you will learn soon enough that Sarri is an overrated coach.

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