Another bitter row has erupted between Federation President Gabriele Gravina and Lazio patron Claudio Lotito, exchanging insults and accusations.

This is hardly the first time that the pair clashed over how to run Italian football and the situation shows so signs of improving following the latest outburst.

FIGC President Gravina was speaking at an event organised by newspaper Il Foglio when asked about the arguments between some sections of the Lega Serie A and the Federation.

“I wouldn’t say that, as I have a splendid rapport with many presidents. There are others who want to run the world of football to their liking. I am referring to Lotito and his Lotitismo approach.”

The Lega Serie A voted against reducing the division from 20 teams to 18, a motion that had been backed by Inter, Milan and Juventus.

They are also pushing to form a breakaway division in the style of the Premier League to create more ‘autonomy’ from the FIGC.

“When talking about autonomy, we need to understand how it is possible in Italy that certain personalities can be part of the FIGC Counsel, the Lega Serie A board, be a Senator, be a member of the finance commission, the owner of clubs…” added Gravina.

Lotito responds to Gravina

It did not take long for Lotito to respond with a statement via the news agency Ansa.

“I was stunned to read the comments from Mr Gravina about my person, which frankly speak for themselves: clear manifestation of pure hostility and unbridled rancour towards me, all aiming to defend himself from taking responsibility for the current state of Italian football.

“His personal rapport with some Presidents does not exclude them from the tension and confusion that today reigns in Italian football, shared by all those who are trying, despite the obstacles placed in their way by Gravina, to renew the rules.”

Lotito, who was forced to sell Salernitana with minutes to spare on the deadline because of the rules limiting one owner from having more than one club in the same division, also commented on his many roles in the halls of power.

“My position as owner of a club, federal counsellor, Lega counsellor and member of the Senate, all roles earned with regular and democratic elections, allow me to have a wider vision of the problems and possible solutions to eliminate those obstacles.

“The football world does not require isolation, but a wider vision of its various components. My various institutional roles give me the possibility of offering a contribution, helping football emerge with an autonomy that is erroneously understood as a ‘personal grand duchy.’”

3 thought on “Lotito and Gravina explode into an ugly row”
  1. Gravina is spot on, that silly man should not have anywhere near as much influence as he likes to wield.

  2. Yes , you pretend to support Gravina over Lotitio , not because you think Gravina is right …but simply because you are Rometta.

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