Liverpool vs. Milan: a special night for Paolo and Daniel Maldini despite defeat

by | Sep 16, 2021 15:30

Daniel and Paolo Maldini enjoyed a special night at Anfield, despite Milan losing 3-2 to Liverpool in their Champions League return.

Milan technical director Paolo Maldini was the star on Merseyside on Wednesday, his third trip to Anfield. But the former left-back never played against Liverpool at their famous home ground, only with the Italian national team.

Champions League | Liverpool 3-2 Milan: Anfield thriller

When Paolo was taking photos with other legends in the stands, his son Daniel made sure the 60-year-old football dynasty continued on the pitch, as he beat his dad’s and grandfather’s record in the competition.

The Maldini family has played in the Champions League since 1955, and Daniel Maldini wrote further history.

Daniel replaced Ante Rebic after 83 minutes at 19 years and 11 months, beating his father’s debut at 20 in 1988 against Levski Sofia, while Cesare played his first at 23 – against Saarbrucken in 1955.

epa08313001 (FILE) - Milan's Daniel Maldini, son of former Milan's player Paolo Maldini, sits on the bench during the Italian Serie A soccer match between AC Milan and SSC Napoli at Giuseppe Meazza stadium in Milan, Italy, 23 November 2019 (reissued on 22 March 2020). According to a statement by AC Milan, Milan's sports director, former Italian defender Paolo Maldini and his son Daniel, who plays for the same club, tested positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus. EPA-EFE/MATTEO BAZZI


  1. Pele

    This is getting embarrassing Daniel Maldini is not at the level to play in the CL or AC , he should have gone out on loan then come back if he’s good enough.
    What is Pioli doing creeping up Paulo Malnini backside

  2. Jon

    Lost hague because of it

  3. Dave

    Great to see Maldini get out there in the action. Love the Maldini tradition with the club. I’d like to see him get some more minutes in other games we play this season and watch his development. These other guys commenting aren’t real fans of the club and have their heads up their arse…Pele, Jon…talking about you fools.

  4. fossadeileoni27

    I agree Pele. He should have been out on loan last season to get minutes & match touches. He needs to develop further. Daddy needs to do the right thing regardless of how difficult it may be.

  5. Milan Fan

    D. Maldini has the potential and needs to stay where he is. Like it or not, he’s not just anybody. We should be excited about the continuation of the Maldini legacy. It’s something unique, like our club.

    He will learn and develop. It’s not like he’s stealing minutes from anybody. He needs to put on some muscles though. And selling Hauge has nothing to do with him, as he was sold to raise capital, so don’t write stupid things.

  6. Ayodele Ralph Palmer

    @ Pele, Jon and Fossadeillini. There are some players you don’t send on loan so deal with it. 7/8 years ago we know the type of players lining up for us in the CL and it’s not embarrassing then right ? and it’s now you people wanna raise your voices.

  7. Michael

    I thought Maldini looked interesting when he was given a bit of playing time in pre-season friendlies. I really have no concrete opinion of his abilities as we’ve not been able to see what he can do, since he rarely gets even a few minutes. But if he’s not playing then it’s for a reason – he isn’t as good as or better than the other options.

    I disagree about not loaning him out. Just because his father and grandfather were Milan legends, it doesn’t mean he will be any good. So let’s say currently he’s not bad but will never compete for a starting spot. Is it better for the Maldini name to have their “heir” rotting on the bench, never getting any playtime? Isn’t that exactly the sort of thing that will make people say “he’s only there because of his father”, same with Gigio’s and Kaka’s brothers? Better that he gets loaned out to a smaller club where he can play regularly and makes a name for himself there, on his own merit. And if he proves himself there, he can come back and actually have a chance to play. And if he doesn’t prove himself, then there’s no reason for him to be at Milan.

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