Liverpool, Tottenham and PSG tempt Kessié

Franck kessie penalty

Franck Kessié rejected Milan‘s contract extension offer and according to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Liverpool, Tottenham and PSG are interested in signing him as a free agent.

Kessié’s contract expires at the end of the season and Milan directors have been in talks with his agent for several months.

However, according to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Kessié rejected Milan’s latest contract offer worth €6.5m-a-year.

Kessie: ‘I’m proud of Milan, I want to stay forever’

As per the same report, Kessié wants €8m-a-year plus €2m bonuses, which is just as much as PSG would offer him.

However, the Ligue 1 giants are not the only ones interested in signing the Ivory Coast international as Liverpool and Tottenham have also shown interest in the 24-year-old.

Kessié scored 13 goals in 37 appearances with the Rossoneri last term.

Milan don’t want to lose another one of their stars for nothing after seeing Gigio Donnarumma and Hakan Calhanoglu leave as free agents this summer.

Kessie snubs Tottenham, but Milan open to sale?

On the other hand, PSG signed the likes of Leo Messi, Sergio Ramos, Donnarumma and Georginio Wijnaldum on a free transfer, excluding commissions, this summer.

This past July, Kessié said in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport that he wanted to stay at Milan ‘forever.’

Last month, reported Kessié had snubbed the chance to join Tottenham.


12 Comments on “Liverpool, Tottenham and PSG tempt Kessié”

  1. Milan is screwed. Kessie is asking even higher salary than Dollarumma. Honestly 6.5M/year is already a lot for him. Not sure if Kessie deserves 10M salary, but it’s still peanuts for P$G anyway.
    Harsh reality. I think clubs should sell the players immediately if they don’t want to extend the contract minimum 2-years before expiration.

  2. Rian, you are absolutely right – with the vultures from the PL and PSG continually taking the best players from Serie A, Italian clubs need to sell quickly as soon as they get a wiff that the player does not want to re-sign to at least make those teams pay top dollar. It’s crazy that PSG got Donna, Messi, Ramos and Wijnaldum on free transfers and are still not satisfied with that. Sad to see the Serie A dropping in quality this season after making good inroads in the last 3 years.

  3. If he wants to go, let him go.. Even on a free transfer.. No player is bigger than the club… But make sure he sits on the bench..

  4. You ma bro rian thats absolutely right. Milan have to make a rules that player dont want to extend or high demand just sell them to the highest price. So we can make some business, balance the book and lower wage bill, the last have time to get the replacement.

  5. What is the most disappointing part is that Kessie himself claimed that he will sign once he returns from the Olympics.

    Can’t trust anyone these days eh.. I expected more from “presidente”. It is as if that he is toying with Milan so that he wont be sold this season so that he could bargain for more salary at his next club. Sad. As much as I love him as a player, might as well bench him until January and auction him to the biggest bidder.

  6. Sell for something like 20m in January, it’s better than nothing. If he doesn’t renew or accept a destination, bench him for the whole year. There has to be consequences.

  7. This is bitterly disappointing if true. Milan need to take a hard line, tell him he either agrees to a new deal now or he’ll be dropped, forbidden from going to AfCon (if they can) and make him train by himself for the year leading up to a World Cup. See how much PSG will want to pay him then.

  8. The best players leave for free and the worst ones we can’t get rid of. Amazing. As other have said, we need to “force” those approaching 2 years remaining on their contracts to sign extensions, and sell them if they refuse. Better to lose a good player for a good amount of money now and use that money to sign another good player, than have him leave for free 2 years later and go into debt to buy his replacement.

  9. You would think we would have perhaps learned from the Donnaruma and Hakan debacles not to trust a player at their word that they want to stay. It’s all about $$ for most players and that’s their right. However as a club we must be smarter than this. I agree with what was said above. If a player doesn’t want to resign a year or more before their contact is up you sell immediately and take the transfer $ and buy a replacement. It’s simple. What we cannot continue to do is lest players leave for free with zero transfer fees coming in. That is madness and if we continue to do this we will be in the C division. Not a way to run a club let alone a business. Sign Kessie to his BS 8m per season the sell him. EPL teams or clubs like PSG will still gladly pay a transfer fee plus his wages. 8m is a lot for Italian teams but not EPL teams – esp for a young player like Kessie entering his prime. Management needs to wake up and figure this out. Romagnoli is next then who? Theo?? Wake up management and get it together. This isn’t the 90’s where a player stays w the same team his whole career. Players want to be paid period. And they Will go to the team that can most afford them.

  10. This is getting more irritating every day, if he doesn’t agree with milan’s term then leave him for free. Even benched him and give someone else the chance to play and grow. Milan already has Tonali/Bakayoko/Krunic and next year Adli. Better give them chance to play regularly and let them grow rather than depending on Kessie just to see him leave for free next year. Clubs must have control over players. Players should also understand the club financial standings, it is selfish to ask big salary when you know the club current financial standing, even more selfish by saying they want to stay forever but don’t want to understand clubs problems.

    If you love the clubs at least you have to sacrifice something to stay within. Or if you love the clubs and you know the club cannot afford your demand then at least give the club a clear statement to sell you so that they can make profit out of you rather than dragging these contract extension until you become free. Such is ungrateful thing to the club that already gave you a chance to grow until right now.

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