Liverpool are said to be preparing an offer for Paulo Dybala if he leaves Juventus as a free agent in the summer, although Inter remain the favourites.

The arrival of Dusan Vlahovic for €75m including bonuses from Fiorentina raises huge question marks over the future of their Number 10.

Dybala’s current contract expires on June 30 and a deal had been struck worth €10m per season, but Juve suddenly hit the brakes and postponed renegotiation until after the January transfer window.

The striker made it perfectly clear he was not happy with the decision, feeling there was no faith in him and the club is preparing to retract the agreed salary, instead offering a much lower figure.

Now Sportitalia and Tuttomercatoweb both claim that Liverpool are ready to pounce with a proposal of their own to take the Argentina international as a free agent in July.

As his contract is running down, Liverpool could technically begin negotiations with the former Palermo man.

It’s reported Dybala would appreciate the Liverpool destination, having previously rejected Tottenham Hotspur.

Inter remain the favourites, though, as he’d reunite with former Juventus director Beppe Marotta and get to continue his Serie A career.

9 thought on “Liverpool approach Dybala after Juventus split”
  1. Liverpool please…

    Looks so lost in so many matches I’ve watched him in, does very little to help the team, which is a good thing as an Inter supporter but must be so frustrating for Juve fans! Definitely has talent, hopefully he can rediscover his fire at his next club.

  2. Useless No.10 in Juve’s History please go Dybala and Best of luck in your new tenure either be at Inter or Liverpool, The old lady need No. 10 of calibre Baggio , Del PiERO or not least Tevez

  3. Dybala is too slow for Liverpool, Liverpool is a top5 team in Europe right now. Dybala is not good enough for that.

    Inter is barely top20, tube maybe top 30. Dybala should stay in slow serie a.

  4. Always Jam tomorrow with FSG! These directors have never spent a penny of there own money on transfers!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Just release him, Juve
    And you will get better on your track
    Dybala surely is not a player that worth Juve value, just overclaimed from the media

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