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22:59 That is all for the Liveblog

DRAAAMAAAAAAA!!!!!! We love it.

22:58 Italy marches on

Roma, Milan and Atalanta are in the Europa League Round of 16!

22:55 So much drama


22:54 Drama!


22:53 Phew!


22:48 Zalewski penalty


22:48 Hartman penalty

Goal, but Svilar almost got that one too…

22:47 Aouar penalty


22:46 Alireza penalty

SAVED BY SVILAR! He only came on to take the penalty! He had one job!

22:45 Cristante penalty

GOAL! Into the roof of the net.

22:45 Hancko penalty


22:43 Lukaku penalty

SAVED. It was weak and central.

22:43 Ueda penalty

Goal, again, into the corner.

22:42 Paredes penalty

GOAL. He absolutely thumped that into the near bottom corner.

22:41 Roma go first

Paredes to take.

22:38 Roma do not like penalties

It is safe to say Roma don’t have a good history with spot-kicks. They lost the European Cup Final and last season the Europa League Final on penalties.

22:36 It goes to penalties

Lukaku with another chance at the death, header on the corner into the ground and bounces over!


Ooooooh, that was almost stunning! Baldanzi sent Lukaku through, angled drive was on target, desperate fingertip save from Wellenreuther!

22:34 Into stoppages

One minute.

22:34 Feyenoord change

Alireza Jahanbakhsh on to take a penalty at this stage, Wieffer off.

22:33 Celik solo run

Celik seemed like the ball was attracted to his boot like a magnet there, it kept coming back to him, but eventually Feyenoord blocked him off. Then a Lukaku foul.

22:31 Oh Zalewski

Lukaku knocks down a long ball, Baldanzi finds Zalewski, who slips inside the penalty area.

22:29 Roma attack

Baldanzi wins it back and hits it hard across the six-yard box, but the goalkeeper gets there before Lukaku.

22:28 Svilar ready

Svilar plucks an Ivanusec free kick out of the air. He really has been a huge improvement on Rui Patricio…

22:27 Svilar save!

Feyenoord move it left to right, Minteh gets a shot away at the near post, Svilar manages to parry.

22:25 Nearly

That was a well-worked passing move, Lukaku had been trying to thread it through for Aouar, just intercepted!

22:24 Roma trying

The changes are helping a little, Angelino free kick into the box nodded clear.

22:21 Wieffer booked

Arm high on Paredes and catches him in the face.

22:19 Roma sub

More fresh legs, Angelino on, Spinazzola off.

22:17 Half-Time in Extra Time

Still 1-1. Another 15 minutes and if no more goals, then penalties.

22:15 Roma fans singing


22:14 Ueda over

Ueda free kick is well over the bar.

22:13 Ndicka booked

Yellow card for Ndicka after a foul on Ueda.

22:12 Roma sub

That felt inevitable, Dybala was spent, Baldanzi on.

22:11 Zalewski decisive!

Minteh and Geertuide combine in the box, Zalewski just gets a toe to the ball!

22:11 Dybala is barely hanging on

Baldanzi getting ready and Dybala doing constant stretching exercises.

22:09 Zalewski too eager

Second time in a few minutes he has strayed offside by starting the run too early.

22:07 Feyenoord look fresher

Worth noting that the Roma players were all getting massaged ahead of extra time, the Feyenoord ones looked fine.

22:04 Ivanusec attempt

Cuts inside from the left, but Svilar is positioned well and smothers the curler.

22:03 Roma chance

Roma corner for Cristante header, deflected onto the side-netting by Ueda. Then the second corner is too long for Aouar.

22:00 Extra time kicks off

Roma fans are singing the anthem acapella. Lovely. It’s 1-1, just like in Rotterdam.

21:59 Roma change

Zalewski replaces El Shaarawy, who did look very tired.

21:55 We go to extra time

21:54 Wieffer nods off target

A relatively free header from the Ivanusec corner, but well wide.

21:53 Feyenoord corner

Timber cross, Spinazzola put it out for a corner, he didn’t realise he was fairly isolated.

21:49 Into stoppages

We are into 6 minutes of stoppages. If nothing else happens, we go to extra time in Rome.

21:48 Timber booked

Timber into the book for a sliding tackle that wipes out Dybala.

21:47 Lukaku stumbles!

Great chance for Roma! Lukaku give and go with El Shaarawy, tries to get it onto his left foot to finish from seven yards, but Hancko just gets a toe to it and puts him off!

21:43 Llorente stretchered off

He does not look at all well. It was entirely accidental, he jumped up with Ueda and they collided, he came off worse. Ndicka on.

21:43 Torino 0-2 Lazio


21:42 Problem for Roma

Llorente suffered a nasty knock to the head, he seems a bit dazed. Looks like Ndicka is coming on.

21:40 FT: Torino 0-2 Lazio

It ends with a Lazaro free kick over the bar.

21:37 Feyenoord sub

Ueda on, Gimenez off.

21:35 Celik danger

Roma definitely pushing harder, Celik cross from the right beaten away by the goalkeeper, Dybala complains he wanted the roll back.

21:34 Torino-Lazio

Into 5 minutes of stoppages

21:30 Torino miss!

Duvan Zapata header down, Vlasic lays it off for Ricci, who slips and blasts off target!

21:29 Subs

Aouar on for an exhausted Pellegrini

Minteh replaces Nieuwkoop

21:28 Roma chance

Dybala through ball for El Shaarawy, the goalkeeper was alert to rush out and smother at his feet.

21:26 Roma change

Celik on, Karsdorp off

21:24 Feyenoord yellow

Hancko booked for a foul on Dybala

21:23 Gila sent off for Lazio!

That is his second yellow card for tripping Duvan Zapata and he is extremely fortunate that is outside the penalty area, because it was inches away!

21:21 Lazio chance

Felipe Anderson gets down the left, pulls it back, Guendouzi shot charged down by Gineitis.

21:18 Feyenoord changes

Zerrouki and Ivanusec on, Stengs and Paixao off

21:15 Roma counter

Good work from Lukaku, finds El Shaarawy, whose attempt at a flick is blocked, then Stengs and El Shaarawy go for it at the same time. El Shaarawy gets there first, is kicked in the back of the ankle. In Italy that is 100 per cent a penalty. In Europe, apparently not.

21:14 Svilar does well

Roma do not take a good free kick after Dybala is fouled, risk of the counter, but Svilar is quick off his line to clear.

21:10 Gila booked

Oof. Gila went absolutely flying into that sliding tackle on Duvan Zapata.

21:09 Roma chance

Dybala volley deflected for a corner.

21:07 Guendouzi goal


21:05 2nd half kicks off: Roma 1-1 Feyenoord

21:03 Torino 0-2 Lazio: Danilo Cataldi!

It’s 2-0! Lazio so clinical compared to the Granata. Guendouzi pull back from the by-line, Luis Alberto lays it off to the edge of the area and Cataldi finish in off the inside of the upright!

20:55 Torino 0-1 Lazio: Matteo Guendouzi!

Talk about a goal against the run of play! It started with a Provedel long ball, Immobile dummy let the Luis Alberto pass through and Guendouzi fired the finish under VMS!

20:53 Duvan Zapata again

Header loops onto the roof of the net.

20:51 Torino keep wasting

Pull-back from the right, Duvan Zapata peels away from the marker and fires over from 12 yards!

20:51 2nd half kicks off: Torino 0-0 Lazio

Lazzari replaces Hysaj

20:48 Half-Time: Roma 1-1 Feyenoord

The half ends with Karsdorp and Feyenoord coach Arne Slot arguing.

20:44 Roma corner causes havoc

Bit of general chaos on that corner, the goalkeeper rather flapped at it, then nobody was able to finish it off. Mancini then went over under a tiny Timber nudge, but not enough for the referee.

20:42 Revitalised


20:41 Treatment needed

Gimenez clutching the side of his head. Didn’t seem to be that much in the collision with Cristante.

20:37 Karsdorp over

Cross from the left, Karsdorp controls with his chest, but then the shot on the half-volley is well over.

20:35 Pellegrini doing well

Pellegrini hasn’t looked this confident or sharp in a while. Paredes shot then charged down.

20:34 Roma keeping possession

Reminder there is no away goals rule, so a draw is a draw is a draw.

20:31 Half-Time: Torino 0-0 Lazio

Pretty much all the chances were for the hosts.

20:29 Torino that should be a goal

Masina allowed a free header at the back post on a corner, it flashes wide! How many more chances can Toro waste?

20:28 Feyenoord booking

Geertruida also booked. If this is the way the referee is officiating, this game will have a lot of cards.

20:27 Torino chance

Sanabria floats the cross in from the right for Vlasic, whose volley into the ground bounces over.

20:26 Paredes booked

Paredes sees yellow for a high boot. Not terribly sure that was so bad…

20:25 Pellegrini goal



Desperate reaction save from Provedel at the near post, Sanabria simply had to score from the Bellanova cross!

20:22 Roma chance

Cristante knocks down a cross for Lukaku, who with his back to goal lays it off, but Pellegrini slips and fires over.

20:21 Roma INCHES wide!

Ooooh. Pellegrini cross from the left, Cristante has continued his run from midfield, only glances it with his head and it is SO close to the far post!

20:21 Torino close

Duvan Zapata header goes wide from another Bellanova cross.

20:20 Pioli comments


20:19 Feyenoord chance

Timber gets down the left, rolls across and Gimenez shins it over from close range!

20:18 Lazio appeal

Lazio appeal for a potential handball, but Masina’s arm seemed flush to the body.

20:17 Spinazzola booked

It’s never relaxed with these two teams.

20:16 Roma 1-1 Feyenoord: Lorenzo Pellegrini!

Boom! El Shaarawy pulls back from the left for Pellegrini, who on the edge of the box takes a touch and bends it perfectly into the far top corner with his right foot! All square again!

20:15 Feyenoord goal


20:13 Feyenoord chance

Wieffer sprints away on the counter with two defenders behind him, but is denied by the on-rushing Svilar, who did well to stay on his feet!

20:11 VAR says no

It’s not terribly clear if Stengs actually touched Llorente or not. VAR says play can resume. Mourinho would’ve exploded at this point…

20:10 Roma chance!

And a scuffle breaks out too! It’s always the way when these teams meet. Roma corner, Lukaku attempt charged down practically off the line, potential penalty foul on Llorente.

20:09 In Turin

Immobile attempt easy enough for VMS, then Ilic hits a fresh-air volley from a Bellanova cross.

20:07 Goal confirmed

It was the shoulder/chest.

20:05 Roma 0-1 Feyenoord: Santiago Gimenez

That was almost an accidental goal. Hartman roll across, Nieuwkoop attempted finish deflected off El Shaarawy, it hit Gimenez on the chest/arm and ricocheted in from six yards. VAR is checking what part of the body that was with.

20:04 Torino again

Sanabria snapshot deflected into the arms of Provedel.

20:01 Torino booking

After another risk on a Toro set play, Felipe Anderson on the counter is tugged back by Ilic for an inevitable yellow card.

20:00 We have kick-off in Roma vs. Feyenoord!

It’s 1-1 on aggregate

19:59 Lovely atmosphere in Rome

Big choreography in the stands, banner reads: “To go beyond, and beyond again. Charge!!!” Acapella version of the club anthem.

19:57 Out come the teams in Rome

Roma: Svilar; Karsdorp, Mancini, Llorente, Spinazzola; Cristante, Paredes, Pellegrini; Dybala, Lukaku, El Shaarawy

Feyenoord: Wellenreuther; Geertruida, Beelen, Hancko, Hartman; Q Timber, Stengs, Wieffer; Nieuwkoop, Gimenez, Paixao

Ref: Manzano (ESP)

19:56 Toro again

Set play, Duvan Zapata header off target.

19:52 It’s all Toro

Sanabria again has a shot charged down in the box, Lazio are all pinned back here. And Provedel is fouled twice, first by Masina, then Sanabria.

19:50 Sanabria hits the upright!

Huuuuuge chance for Torino after four minutes, Bellanova cross from the right, Sanabria gets there and volleys onto the base of the upright!

19:49 POLL


19:48 Roma guest


19:45 We have kick-off in Torino vs. Lazio!

19:41 Torino vs. Lazio line-ups

Torino: Milinkovic-Savic; Djidji, Lovato, Masina; Bellanova, Ilic, Linetty, Lazaro; Vlasic; Sanabria, Zapata

Lazio: Provedel; Marusic, Gila, Romagnoli, Hysaj; Guendouzi, Cataldi, Luis Alberto; Isaksen, Immobile, Felipe Anderson

19:40 Rennes 3-2 Milan


19:39 FT: Rennes 3-2 Milan (3-5 agg)

It’s ugly, but Milan are into the Europa League last 16.

19:33 Into stoppages

6 minutes of stoppages.

19:31 Rennes attempt

Kalimuendo snapshot, but that one was straight at Maignan.

19:31 Maignan save!

Not a good save, but he did enough fingertipping the Salah curler wide!

19:30 Jovic error

Okafor, who has also been irritatingly bad, tries to send Jovic clear, but the striker attempts a cut-back and runs into the defenders.

19:29 De Rossi comments


19:28 Chukwueze

Not sure how, but Chukwueze is being even more irritating and frustrating a presence than Leao was.

19:26 Subs

Gouiri off, Yildirim on.

Florenzi off, Terracciano on.

19:22 Milan change

Thiaw replaces Musah, who goes off very, very slowly.

19:21 Maignan booked

Booked for time-wasting, that had been coming since the first half…

19:21 Rennes are pushing

Series of corners for the hosts, in the end Omari nods wide.

19:17 Jovic told off

Jovic gets into a row with Seidu, who had rugby tackled him. You’d think he would’ve learned days after getting sent off for a reaction foul.

19:14 Rennes changes

Terrier and D Doue off, Blas and Salah on

19:13 Leao goal


19:13 Milan chance

Theo Hernandez free kick, Gabbia diving header over the bar during a nasty collision with Terrier.

19:12 Everyone is doing a Kanye


19:10 Rennes 3-2 Milan: Benjamin Bourigeaud penalty

Completes the hat-trick, hits it into the same corner as before, but this time Maignan went the other way. It is now 3-5 on aggregate.

19:09 Another penalty for Rennes!

19:08 VAR!

It did hit Jovic’s wrist. Was from point-blank range, but the arm was raised.

19:07 Rennes chance

Another dangerous Bourigeaud free kick deflected for a corner off Jovic. Not sure if that came off his arm…

Kalimuendo nodded it onto his hand from point-blank range. Was the arm raised enough? VAR is checking.

19:03 Milan changes

Okafor, Chukwueze and Loftus-Cheek on, Leao, Bennacer and Pulisic off.

19:03 Pulisic chance

Offside flag went up eventually, but his shot was deflected over anyway.

19:02 The penalty


19:00 Rennes 2-2 Milan: Rafael Leao!

That makes up for the earlier misses! Maybe. Rennes got into a right muddle then. Leao started the run from midfield, shrugged off Seidu, then it looked as if Mandanda and the defender had managed to smother, but they got into a bit of a tangle and Leao pinched the ball to deposit into an empty net from a tight angle.

18:59 Rennes changes

G Doue and Santamaria off, Seidu and Matusiwa on at the 56th minute.

18:59 Milan threaten

Florenzi corner past everyone, including Gabbia.

18:56 Rennes 2-1 Milan: Benjamin Bourigeaud pen

That is a splendid penalty, right into the bottom corner despite Maignan guessing the right side. Now 2-4 on aggregate.

18:55 Penalty for Rennes!

That is SO soft. Kjaer was behind Terrier, who tried to turn the defender and effectively backed into him, falling over. If the referee hadn’t given that, VAR never would. Kjaer also booked for dissent.

18:54 Roma arrive


18:53 POLL


18:51 End to end in Rennes

Musah leans on an opponent, but doesn’t foul him, then Desire Doue’ off target, then Leao sent clear by Jovic and fires straight at on-rushing Mandanda!

18:49 Roma vs. Feyenoord line-ups

Roma: Svilar; Karsdorp, Mancini, Llorente, Spinazzola; Cristante, Paredes, Pellegrini; Dybala, Lukaku, El Shaarawy

Feyenoord: Wellenreuther; Geertruida, Beelen, Hancko, Hartman; Q Timber, Stengs, Wieffer; Nieuwkoop, Gimenez, Paixao

Ref: Manzano (ESP)

18:48 2nd half kicks off: Rennes 1-1 Milan

18:42 Torino vs. Lazio


18:41 Torino vs. Lazio line-ups

Torino: Milinkovic-Savic; Djidji, Lovato, Masina; Bellanova, Ilic, Linetty, Lazaro; Vlasic; Sanabria, Zapata

Lazio: Provedel; Marusic, Gila, Romagnoli, Hysaj; Guendouzi, Cataldi, Luis Alberto; Isaksen, Immobile, Felipe Anderson

18:39 Lazio XI


18:34 Also tonight


18:32 Half-Time: Rennes 1-1 Milan

It is Rennes 1-4 Milan on aggregate.

18:32 Leao counter fails

That’s probably the third counter-attack that Leao has wasted, this time he tries to stepovers and Omari does not fall for any of them.

18:30 Milan starting to annoy the crowd

The time-wasting is getting a bit too obvious, they need to be careful the referee doesn’t start getting cards out.

18:28 Theate miss!

Theate should not be allowed such a free header on the set play, but he is, and fortunately for Milan he nods wide.

18:27 Tempo has slowed right down

Milan’s plan to take the sting out of the Rennes fightback seems to be working.

18:26 Olimpico sold out


18:23 Short corner

Milan take a short corner. It does absolutely nothing to change our opinion of short corners.

18:20 Tonight


18:19 Oh dear

Bennacer wins the free kick, which Florenzi boots straight out of play.

18:17 Rennes chance

Gouiri lovely control and turn, sends Gabbia down, crucial block from Kjaer!

18:15 Luka Jovic goal


18:14 Rennes corners

Desire Doue tries a back-heel flick, wins another corner, then goes down under very little pressure from Leao and the referee waves play on.

18:12 Huge Maignan save!

The free kick was cleared, but not very well, came back in and Kalimuendo on the volley from eight yards, what a reaction save!

18:12 Horrid night

Heavy rain and very windy, which makes that Bourigeaud free kick all the more dangerous, as Maignan palms it away.

18:11 Rennes free kick

Musah managed to tread on Kalimuendo’s foot and then essentially fall on him. Fortunately, just outside the box.

18:09 That Rennes goal


18:07 Rennes 1-1 Milan: Luka Jovic!

The three-goal advantage is restored on aggregate. Reijnders surges forward, spreads it down the left for Theo Hernandez, who floats a cross onto the head of Jovic at the back post!

18:06 More promising

Long Milan move, Musah tries to thread through for Leao, intercepted.

18:03 Pulisic mess

Oh dear. That was a big chance for Milan, Pulisic was found from 12 yards, his touch was so heavy. Just like Bennacer earlier, it’s like the ball got stuck under his feet.

18:01 Milan trying to slow it down

It is in their interest right now to calm things down and take a bit of the air out of that Rennes balloon.

17:58 Rennes threaten again

That goal really lifted the crowd even more, Desire Doue blasts over from a tricky angle.

17:56 Rennes 1-0 Milan: Benjamin Bourigeaud!

From that Bennacer fumble, where he literally just stumbled on the ball with a heavy touch, Rennes countered and Bourigeaud thumped low into the far bottom corner from outside the box.

17:55 Rennes corner cleared

Bennacer then on a promising counter, waits too long to pass for Leao and fumbles.

17:53 Big tackle on Leao

Leao gets away from Omari and is going clear on goal, Theate runs across and makes a crucial last-ditch tackle in the penalty area!

17:52 It’s wide open

Both teams really going for it. Surprisingly so.

17:49 Truffert shot charged down

Cross had found Truffert in a lot of space down the Rennes left, but Florenzi made the block.

17:47 Save on Leao!

Just 90 seconds in, Rafael Leao bursts down the left, angled drive parried by Mandanda’s legs.

17:45 We have kick-off in Rennes vs. Milan!

Rennes 0-3 Milan on aggregate

17:44 Kits

Milan are playing all in white, Rennes in red and black. Both teams share the same club colours, of course. Theo Hernandez and Steve Mandanda are the captains.

17:42 Out come the teams

Full house, lovely atmosphere.

17:35 Rennes vs. Milan line-ups

Rennes: Mandanda; G Douè, Omari, Theate, Truffert; D Douè, Bourigeaud, Santamaria, Terrier; Gouiri, Kalimuendo

Milan: Maignan; Florenzi, Gabbia, Kjaer, Theo Hernandez; Bennacer, Musah; Pulisic, Reijnders, Leao; Jovic

Ref: Joao Pinheiro (POR)

17:34 Quick reminder

No away goals rule, so if Milan lose here by any three-goal margin, it goes to extra time. That might be more important to remember for Roma-Feyenoord, as the first leg ended 1-1 and so they start from scratch.

17:33 Ibrahimovic is there

He is stalking around on the touchline during the warm-up, having travelled with the team on the bus.

17:32 Gabbia


17:25 Stefano Pioli comments


17:12 Until Monza

Before that 4-2 defeat, Milan had been unbeaten in 70 days in all competition.

17:06 Packed evening

We’re also keeping you up to date on Torino-Lazio in Serie A and Roma-Feyenoord for the Europa League.

16:53 Some confusion

Sky Sport Italia say Rennes playing 4-4-2, UEFA say 4-3-3. Either way, it’s a much more attacking XI than in the first leg.

16:44 Lovely atmosphere

Free French-style sausage rolls? Don’t mind if we do…


16:44 Players arrive


16:36 Only one surprise

Pulisic starts, not Chukwueze, the rest is as expected.

Rennes, however, start Amine Gouiri in a more attacking move.

16:35 Line-ups


16:33 Rennes vs. Milan line-ups

Rennes: Mandanda; G Douè, Omari, Theate, Truffert; D Douè, Bourigeaud, Santamaria, Terrier; Gouiri, Kalimuendo

Milan: Maignan; Florenzi, Gabbia, Kjaer, Theo Hernandez; Bennacer, Musah; Pulisic, Reijnders, Leao; Jovic

Ref: Joao Pinheiro (POR)

16:31 Milan in France


16:30 Milan arrive


Join us for all the build-up and action as it happens from the Europa League play-offs Rennes-Milan and Roma-Feyenoord, plus the rescheduled Serie A match Torino-Lazio.

We begin at 17.45 GMT in France, where the Rossoneri are protecting a 3-0 first leg lead.

At 19.45 GMT, Torino and Lazio go head-to-head for seventh place in the rescheduled Serie A Week 21 fixture.

Then at 20.00 GMT, it’s all to play for in the Europa League after Roma and Feyenoord drew 1-1 in Rotterdam.

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