Bayer Leverkusen’s aggregate win over Roma hasn’t only stopped an all-Italian Europa League Final but has also prevented Italy from getting a 6th Champions League spot next season, at least for now.

Atalanta will meet Bayer Leverkusen in the 2023-24 Europa League Final in Dublin on May 29.

The fresh Bundesliga champions managed a 2-2 draw in the second-leg semifinal against Roma, securing a 4-2 aggregate win. Roma had taken a two-goal lead, but the Germans scored twice in the final ten minutes, reaching Atalanta in the Final after La Dea crushed Marseille 3-0.

Italy have already been granted an extra place in next season’s Champions League, having mathematically finished the season in the top two of UEFA’s coefficient ranking. However, the country has a chance to get six clubs in the competition in 2024-25 and Bayer’s win over Roma has made a big difference for Calcio.

Leverkusen denied Italy 6th Champions League place against Roma

Italy can still get a sixth spot in the 2024-25 Champions League if Atalanta win the Europa League and finish outside the top five in Serie A. Roma, Atalanta and Lazio are still in the race for the top five and La Dea will meet the Giallorossi in the next round on Sunday, May 12.

Atalanta and Roma have 60 points, Lazio follow with 56, but La Dea have a game in hand. If Lazio or Roma finish 5th and Atalanta win the Europa League, they’d still qualify for the Champions League, having lifted the second most important UEFA trophy.

Ultimately, if Atalanta win the Europa League and finish sixth in Serie A, the seventh and eighth-placed teams will play in the Europa League, while the ninth-placed team will qualify for the Conference League.

There could even be another extra spot for Italian clubs if Fiorentina win the Conference League and finish outside a Europa League placement in Serie A.

5 thought on “Leverkusen denied Italy 6th Champions League place against Roma”
  1. Let’s be honest, Roma belong in Europa League. They’ve been nowhere near the top 4 in Serie A and overachieved in Europa League post a surge in form after Mourinho. Atalanta deserve 5th spot.

  2. oh what a surprise, the anti-Roma fans out in force to talk smack about Roma. A key contributor to Serie A earning 5 champions league spots and still the last Italian team to have actually won a European cup! Roma will do fine in the champions league should they qualify, AGAIN you forget Roma are rated SIXTH in the Uefa clubs co-efficent but please, keep hating. I guess it makes following Lazio that much easier?

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