Leonardo: ‘Mbappe wants Real Madrid, but PSG set terms’

Kylian Mbappe

Leonardo has confirmed that Kylian Mbappé wants to leave PSG, but they rejected the initial €160m Real Madrid offer, and developments may well involve Juventus man Cristiano Ronaldo too.

This move could prompt a domino effect on the transfer market throughout Europe if Mbappé does manage to force through his transfer to Carlo Ancelotti’s Madrid.

His contract with PSG is due to expire in June 2022 and he is refusing to sign a new deal, even with the arrival of Lionel Messi.

“Mbappé wants to leave, that seems clear enough,” Leonardo told RMC Sport.

“If Real Madrid make an offer that meets our conditions, then we’ll see. We made two significant offers to extend his contract.

“Real’s approach seems to be a strategy in order to get us to say no, so they can show they tried and will then wait a year to get him for free.

“Real Madrid have been behaving like this for the last two years and it’s not fair, they even contacted the player. That is unacceptable and even illegal.”

Leonardo would not confirm the figure Real Madrid offered is €160m, but he did state it is “around that. It is less than what we paid for him and the offer is a long way off what Kylian represents today.

“If he wants to leave, we will not hold him back, but it has to be on our terms. Kylian has always promised he would not leave the club for free.”

It has been reported that if Mbappé does leave PSG, then they could target Cristiano Ronaldo instead, creating a legendary pairing of CR7 and Lionel Messi.

Ronaldo has also been heavily linked with Manchester City, especially now that Harry Kane has confirmed he is not leaving Tottenham Hotspur this summer.

12 Comments on “Leonardo: ‘Mbappe wants Real Madrid, but PSG set terms’”

  1. Either take the money now or lose him for nothing….. Now he is putting pressure on the player to sign an extension so they can make more on the transfer. Good Luck.

    I see this story going on all year as they won’t sell knowing this is their best shot at champions league with Mbappe, Messi and Neymar.

  2. Suddenly even Leonardo is on his righteous morality high horse? WOW. He is talking about illegal approaches? Messi was crying into his handkerchief and saying he hadn’t spoken to anyone, and yet within 24 hours he was on a plane to Paris signing his contract.

    PSG are better off keeping him for one more season. Whatever the figure is they want is pennies to them, as they can just ‘create’ another fictitious endorsement to get money into the club ‘legally’. You never know what can happen come next summer. He could have a great season, and a lot is up in the air in spain regarding la liga, their arrangements with the two top clubs and not to mention, real madrid’s finances.

  3. Goodbye mbappe.. we already have messi now, PSG will only be filled by players who want to defend and love the shirt and the club, if your heart is not here you have to go, we don’t need you anymore..

  4. The audacity of these guys at PSG !!!

    They sign all the top players for free by negotiating early with them and offering crazy wages so that they wouldn’t renew with their respecting clubs, yet they expect the same thing to not happen to them?! LAMO

    You reap what you sow. I hope he leaves for free next year. Serves them just right.

  5. What are you talking about, you silly child? Messi said – watch it again – he was talking with clubs, but did not sign with anyone, which was true as he signed 2 days later. Good Morning 😀 The way, he was treated by Barcelona is unacceptable. The club’s biggest legend, captain left the club this way, unbelievable. They promised him a new contract since december, and the day he supposed to sign it, he was told he had to leave. It was on Thursday. Everyone got shocked, he, his family and his teammates. As many leagues already started, he has a family has to thinking about as well, he wanted to find a new club quickly, he wanted to stay in Europe. PSG’s offer was the best so he accepted on Sunday evening, 3 days after. As PSG only had to agree with him, not with Barca, it was fast. Leo Messi deserves to play whenever he wants, especially the way he was forced to leave from Barcelona.

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