Lorenzo Casini, the president of Lega Serie A, discussed the ongoing investigation into Juventus and the possibility of seeing a ‘new Calciopoli’.

The Old Lady are currently in the crosshairs of the Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office after allegedly paying their players in secret despite publicly stating their four months’ worth of wages had been waived during the early stages of the COVID pandemic in 2020. Andrea Agnelli and the club’s board of directors resigned last week and the club are now in hot water.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the FIGC Sports Justice Code presentation, Casini first discussed the investigation into Juventus.

“On Juventus as a League we won’t comment. There are ongoing investigations and we are waiting.”

He then gave his thoughts on the government’s request for tax instalments from the football clubs.

“We are discussing the closure of an issue that was triggered a year ago, that is, when all the sport that does not receive refunds at least receives the suspension of tax payments from the State, thus allowing for more liquidity. 

“Let us remember that the lack of liquidity was the biggest problem of the pandemic. This suspension has been extended three times and in fact the sport was already asking months ago to pay in instalments all the taxes that had accumulated. 

“Everyone wants to pay, but to do so in a reasonable way, as Italian law already allows, with an instalment plan over five years. 

“The point is: why penalise someone when the state has allowed them to suspend tax payments? That is the point. It’s not a question of asking for contributions or aid, but to pay in a reasonable manner.”

He touched on if he feared a ‘new Calciopoli’ scandal.

“Actually we would have to understand what happened first, when the investigations are closed and all the trials have taken place, if there will be any…

“At the moment it is very difficult to comment, this fear is not there but you have to take a good look at what is happening.”

Finally, Casini discussed if there would be any changes coming later this month.

“In mid-December there will be the Serie A proposal, I confirm.”

The investigation into Juventus is currently ongoing and the club seemingly risk being handed severe penalties, ranging from fines and point deductions to a possible relegation. 

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