Lega Serie A discuss format and racism stadium bans

by | Oct 7, 2021 19:21

Today’s Lega Serie A meeting discussed topics including a tougher clampdown on racist fans and reducing the division from 20 teams to 18.

The meeting was hosted by the International Broadcast Centre in Lissone, so the club Presidents could be shown around the facility.

It is where the television footage is put together, but also the new central VAR room.

Among the topics up for debate where increased measures against fans who are found guilty of aiming racist abuse at players.

The plan is for all the clubs to work together in order to ban any individual who is found to have racially abused a player from all football stadiums in Italy.

There is currently no particular co-ordination for dealing with these incidents, other than one club banning a fan from their stadium – and even that depends on whether the club owns the arena or rents it – and a DASPO, an order emitted by the local authorities.

Another discussion was around the format of Serie A, as for some time now the push has been on to reduce the division from 20 teams to 18.

The club Presidents were shown a new analysis prepared by Deloitte with a cost impact of how many teams are involved.

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  1. Feroli

    It is true that Serie A still needs modernising in every way. Unfortunately that does mean reducing the league to 18 teams – to raise the quality. More money has to be invested and this will only happen when the infrastructure improves. And this requires political will and involvement,

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