Lazio president Claudio Lotito has told Juventus and Manchester United that Sergej Milinkovic-Savic is not on the market.



The Serbia midfielder has regularly been linked with a move away from the Stadio Olimpico and recent reports in the Italian media had suggested Juve were close to signing him this summer, while there has also been rumoured interest from United.

However, Lotito denied Milkinovic-Savic was available for transfer.

Asked whether the Serb was on the market, Lotito told reporters at a meeting of the Serie A presidents, as quoted by

“You always talk about money, I [talk about] technical and personal qualities of my players.

“Milinkovic is not for sale, I rate him a lot. I have never put him up for sale, is there a ‘for sale’ sign? In order to sign him, you need someone to sell him.”

Lotito reiterated however that, should an offer from one of Europe’s top clubs materialise, he would speak to the 27-year-old before making any decision.

“I rate Milinkovic a lot, he is a game changer and we have a great relationship,” the Lazio president added. “If a big club comes in for him, I would ask the player what he wants to do.

“At my club, we prioritise the human over the financial [aspects]. When I received an offer of €140 million, I didn’t sell him.

“I am the only case in world history. Today there is an issue with regards to respect towards the man and player.”

Milinkovic-Savic joined Lazio from Belgian side Genk in 2015 for around €10m. He has made nearly 300 appearances for the Biancocelesti and has scored 57 goals. No midfielder has contributed to more goals than him this season in Serie A: 20, equally split between goals and assists.

He helped Lazio win the 2018-19 Coppa Italia with the opening goal in the 2-0 final win over Atalanta.

14 thought on “Lotito tells Juventus, Man United: ‘Milinkovic-Savic not on market’”
  1. at 27 yo, he already at his peak and there is a huge probability we cant recoup the investment in the future, just like the Higuain purchase

  2. Everyone is always on the market. It’s just a matter of how much the potential buyer is willing to pay.

  3. Fine. would rather have Pogba back.
    Plus, the player will leave for free if Lotito keeps up that act .

  4. This is just a ploy from Lotito because he knows he missed the chance to get an easy 100m for SMS. Now he’s going to guilt SMS into signing a new contract to try and milk him for a higher transfer fee. Either step up and invest in the squad or accept mediocrity and don’t block the ambitions of potential world beaters like SMS.

  5. Sergente loves the club very much, he never expressed the will to leave, we hope he stays here forever. However, strong reinforcements are needed on Summer, we have to find the funds to make them possible. With Lotito nothing is certain though. Patience, Summer is not far, we wait and see.

  6. Reminds me of Cairo’s game with Belotti. Not cashing out smartly seems to be reasonable business model these days.

  7. “When I received an offer of €140 million, I didn’t sell him.”

    Haha yea right doubt anyone ever offered half that.

  8. Juve have buying power because our president isn’t bankrupt. We should buy him and also several others for midfield.

  9. My god this guy is ripping me off with that name. Anyways Sergej better think twice before coming. Look at Kean he cannot score even if you widen the goal by double the space and Vlahovic is learning how to defend. Loca is a genius and being injured is the best part as he probably could not take the commands of the back, back, down and thought maybe early holiday is best solution. Welcome to the world of Phd Max, rise of the slow ball, wrath of the 1Mpbs dinosaur.

  10. @LORD ALLEGRI PATRON SAINT OF SLOW BALL I have to ask.. do you have a condition? Are you obsessed with Allegri or something?

  11. I could ask the same thing about you Kai as the PhD Pantyhose Fan Girls always get triggered by me and I think it must be TDS. There is a condition far worse and it is called denial as the scholar in ancient ball is clearly outdated and to defend it would be to suggest you like golf as nothing happens on the screen.

  12. Commas would be nice from time to time, Lord. As a Gen X, you obvious suffer from something as Kai points out. Maybe Tourettes seeing as you make the same outbursts every day. I suspect you live alone and shout at an Allegri poster all day.

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