Lazio suspend eagle trainer after fascist salute – video

Lazio suspended their eagle trainer Juan Bernabè who had made a fascist salute in front of Biancocelesti fans.

The eagle Olympia is the club’s mascot that flies over the Stadio Olimpico before every Lazio game.

The Spanish Juan Bernabè has been the falconer and the trainer of Olympia since 2010.

Lazio suspended him after that a video that has become viral on social media shows Bernabè making a fascist salute in front of the Biancocelesti fans.

Bernabè also shouts ‘Duce, Duce’, which is how Benito Mussolini, the leader of the Italian Fascist party, was identified.

It all happened after one of Lazio’s home games this season, presumably the last one against Inter on Saturday.

9 Comments on “Lazio suspend eagle trainer after fascist salute – video”

  1. Its not just Journalists who are shocked. Some fans won’t accept it either. You could have left the club name out of the headline and I would assume it was Lazio.

  2. How on earth do these people still exist? Lazio have had way too many chances and should just be banned from having any Ultras in the stadium full stop. Every single week there is probably a Lazio story around contriversy, whether its the joke of a decision about the Lotito COVID 19 cover up to this fascist shit. Italian football has a problem in general about racism from every club no exceptions and hopefully the next generation of fans have grown up and learned to accept each other. There is a reason why stadiums before COVID barely were full and thats because families and kids were afraid of these lunatics and until this is actually acted upon, Serie A will always be the biggest joke among the top leagues. Disgraceful!

  3. Pepe Reina will be sad to loose his Spanish fascist compatriot. SS Lazio, what a disgrace to Italian football and Italy in general.

  4. pitiful. When will they grow up? I mean it’s so pathetic (and ignorant) to be chanting the support of a person who caused so much misery and chaos in Italy 70 odd years ago. Imbecille.

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