Lazio have qualified for the Champions League, but the liquidity index means they could still have serious problems signing anyone this summer.



The Biancocelesti had an extraordinary Serie A campaign, securing second place behind Napoli and booking their spot in Europe’s most prestigious club competition.

However, Tuttomercatoweb and Il Messaggero newspaper report that this money won’t enter the club coffers until later in the year.

That means Lazio are yet again forced to deal with the liquidity index, the same problem that last summer had them unable to sign anyone, even a free agent, until President Claudio Lotito injected fresh capital.

So either they have to first sell in order to buy, or they need Lotito to again make a sacrifice and put his own money into the club.

Another alternative mentioned by the report would be asking UEFA to hand over the revenue from the Champions League group stage in advance.

The liquidity index is a particular issue for Lazio because it calculates how long a business would take to convert assets into cash.

Essentially, Lazio do not have a good credit score.

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