Lazio: ‘Open doors to beauty, Sarri has arrived’

by | Jun 9, 2021 16:34

Lazio released a video presenting new coach Maurizio Sarri, including a stream of descriptions for his style of football. ‘Open your doors to beauty, Sarrismo has arrived.’

While in England after his time at Chelsea, the approach was known as Sarriball, in Italy it has always been Sarrismo.

The dictionary definition of this term was outlined in a presentation video released by the club website and here is their version, alongside images of among others Mahatma Gandhi, Freddie Mercury and Steve Jobs.

“It is the idea against power. The revolution of order. It is the wind of change. The conquering of passion. The earth on the football.

“It is the victory of transgression. The rhythm of intensity. The refusal of consensus. The rebellion of a dream. Simplicity in its most complex form.

“The essence of the artefact. The melody in a world of chaos. It is useful philosophy. It is the concept that breaks the useful. It is the antithesis of conforming.

“It’s an idea. It’s a dream. It is among us. Open your doors to beauty, Sarrismo has arrived.”

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