Lazio, Italian government condemn racist insults from fans towards steward

by | May 23, 2022 09:04

Lazio and the Italian government condemned racist insults aimed at a steward from Biancocelesti fans on Saturday.

A video on social media showed a group of Lazio fans aiming racist insults at a steward.

The steward’s colleagues attempted to usher him to another location within the stadium following the racist abuse but he initially stood his ground. However, eventually and visibly upset, he followed his colleagues away as he pointed angrily at the abuser.

Italy minister of foreign affairs Luigi Di Maio wrote of the incident on Facebook: “There are those who call them a fan and define them a fan. No, the perpetrators of this racist insults towards a young lad on the edge of the pitch at Stadio Olimpico are just cowards.

“Cowards, that’s what you are. In Italy, there is no room for this discrimination and this hate. There is no tolerance for any form of racism. You must condemn all of it without exception.

“Maximum solidarity. Sport, football is something else!”

Lazio also issued a statement echoing Di Maio’s condemnation of the racist insults aimed at the steward as well as the appearance of an anti-Semitic slogan towards Roma supporters at the Stadio Olimpico.

The statement read: “On the racist insults and the anti-Semitic slogans such those reported on various sites and newspaper, SS Lazio has always stated its position clearly: [these incidents] don’t deserve comment and must be condemned without half measures.

“For this reason, we wholeheartedly shared the thoughts of minister Di Maio. Lazio have, in fact, for years undertaken all possible initiatives and measures to prevent and repress these incidents.

“Even at this juncture, the club is already in contact with the club’s security service, alongside the authorities, to find and prosecute those responsible who, with their behaviour, greatly damage the image of football as a whole and of those who who show support with real passion.”

The racist abuse of the steward took place during Saturday’s season-ending 3-3 with Verona. 



    Italy is still living in the past..

    Talk is useless, these so-called frustrated fans should be banned for a couple of years.

  2. Gio

    Yeah exactly enough talk! Act! No one is safe in that stadium a man and his kids might be abused if these so called fans dictate.

    Each time this happens, ban all fans for x amount of games and no ticket sales. Bankrupt these idiots.

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