Lazio call up Mussolini’s great-grandson

by | Oct 23, 2021 16:27

Lazio are trying to rid themselves of the reputation for far right supporting fans and eagle trainers, so calling up Benito Mussolini’s great-grandson for the game against Hellas Verona will not help.

Coach Maurizio Sarri is forced to reshuffle his squad for tomorrow’s Serie A match, as Francesco Acerbi and Luiz Felipe both sit out bans.

Mattia Zaccagni is also on the treatment table, so Sarri has opted to bulk up his group with youth team player Romano Floriani Mussolini.

The 18-year-old defender is the great-grandson of Italian World War II Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini and the son of controversial politician Alessandra Mussolini.

This is his first call-up to the senior Lazio squad for a Serie A match and he should be on the bench.

Inevitably, the timing of this call will raise a few eyebrows, because it comes just days after eagle trainer Juan Bernabé was suspended by Lazio for making a fascist salute to fans and repeatedly shouting ‘Duce, Duce, Duce’ – referring to Benito Mussolini.

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  1. D-roCK

    This shouldn’t be controversial. Attributing the sins of a person’s great relative is exactly what the fascists and communists of the past did. If the kid can play and does not himself embody the ideas of his great grandfather, there is no issue here.

  2. LDN

    @D-roCK Completely agree with you. As far as we know, this kid is just starting out in his adult life and does not need the attention and pressure of everyone trying to listen to every word he says just because of his ancestry. Let the kid live. Unlike the eagle trainer, who very well knew what he was doing and had a clear mind in doing so.

  3. Francis

    How is that controversial? Is it because his great grand dad was a fascist?

  4. madbro

    that’s not controversial at all,what do you expect? this young boy just want to be a footballer

  5. The soup nazi

    I hope he has not inherited his ancestors weight problem

  6. Vittorio

    @The Soup Nazi…

    Hopefully, your offspring don’t inherit yiur stupidity. Idiota!

  7. Vittorio

    Mussolini did more for Italian modernization after unification tgan any progressive leadership has since.

  8. Forza

    either he is chiesa’s son or mussolini’s great grandson everyone deserve to play football if they love it, let him play in peace and show what he can in pitch.

  9. Pietro

    Absolute gutter journalism. Whoever wrote this article has no understanding of ethics.

  10. Burky

    The comments make me think people commenting here are educated. 👏

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