Lautaro Martinez identifies biggest Inter regret

by | May 15, 2022 22:53

Lautaro Martinez assures Inter ‘still believe’ in the Serie A title, as they go into the final round two points behind Milan, but pin-points his biggest regret of the season.

El Toro bagged a brace in Sardinia after the opening Matteo Darmian looping header, while he also forced great saves and struck the frame of the goal.

That 3-1 victory keeps the title race open to the final round, because the two-point gap remains.

Serie A | Cagliari 1-3 Inter: Lautaro sends everything down to the wire

As Milan have a superior head-to-head record, it means that the Rossoneri need only a point to guarantee the Scudetto when they travel to Sassuolo.

Inter, meanwhile, host a Sampdoria side who are already safe from the drop.

“It was a difficult match, as Cagliari had so much at stake too, but we needed to win and I am happy we did it,” Lautaro Martinez told DAZN.

“Now we have to win the final match and hope for the best. We still have a possibility of winning the Scudetto and therefore we believe.”

When asked about his regrets for the season, Lautaro did not choose the 2-1 defeat to Milan that effectively divides the teams, but rather a different loss at the Stadio Dall’Ara.

“Unfortunately, we dropped very important points against Bologna. If I had the chance to replay one game, it would be that one, that was a real shame.”

That 2-1 defeat was the rescheduled Week 20 game that was moved from January to May after Bologna were hit with a COVID-19 outbreak, forcing them to postpone the fixture.

It was the only match of the Serie A season without captain Samir Handanovic and his replacement Ionut Radu made a costly howler for the decisive goal.


  1. LUIGI

    Oh, you mean the game that Bologna forfeited, back in January? That for some reason no football fan can understand, was not a forfeit?

  2. Andy

    @Luigi Everyone understands why it had to be replayed. It wasn’t forefeited. Have you been in a comma over the past two years? Their entire team had covid you idiot, and they were barred from traveling. How are they supposed to play in that case you nincompoop?

    The real corruption is the many many calls that have gone in favor of Inter this season. An impartial investigation, and Inter would be in Serie B next season.

    Inter fans, always trying to win things in the court instead of on the field 😀

  3. AnnoyingOnion

    @Andy yes it wasn’t Bologna‘s fault, it is match officials fault because they failed to inform Inter on the postponed match and therefore Inter keep traveling for the match. That’s the reason Beppe appealed in the court.

    Yes Inter fans you are stupid, why would you guys try to win things in the court knowing the league government is owned by Agnelli?

  4. Azzkikr

    Inter lost the scudetto by mentally crumbling after there Derby loss.

    Getting only 7/18 points in the 6 league games after the Derby is what really lost them the scudetto.

  5. Samy Ibrahim

    Onion, dont exchange agnelli with Moratti. Without Moratti inter would rot in Serie c for their corrupttion and history of paying refs

    Best example: why did cagliari got nö penalty? Dambrosio Hit the Ball with his Arm. If it would be juve, the inter Rats would Cry like the pjanjic Case.

    Joke of Fans and club

  6. AnnoyingOnion

    @Samy LMAO it’s no secret Agnelli’s been lega calcio patron for years. Moratti doesn’t have hands in league body as great as Agnelli who can play off the pitch like Suarez’s citizenship test when he supposed to join Juve year ago.
    Dambrosio case is a small fish, you want headlines? why did Napoli‘s president is the first one to get furious in Inter Juve match where Inter get punished by VAR decision penalty? Also look for cases of missing Juve VAR recording. Now you saying Moratti is mob boss here, sure.. joke of fans and club, keep joking and finish your drink, boy.

  7. Samy Ibrahim

    Grande Moratti. These Jube fans are still crying after their 4-2 loss. Forza Inter.

  8. Recoba

    Forza Inter 🖤💙

  9. draak

    @Andy how many Milan goals on the back of fouls would an impartial investigation find? Clown

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