Kalidou Koulibaly is reportedly uninterested in joining Juventus, not wanting to follow in Gonzalo Higuain’s footsteps.



The 30-year-old Senegalese centre back has recently been linked with a move to the Bianconeri, who are looking for a reliable defensive partner for Matthijs de Ligt. Napoli want €40m for Koulibaly’s signature, and with one year left on his deal this summer seems like the right time to sell.

As reported by Il Mattino, Koulibaly has informed those close to him in Naples that he is not interested in signing for Juventus. He’s obviously aware of the strong rivalry between the two teams and he’s not keen to follow in Higuain’s footsteps; the Argentinian striker infamously become a pariah in the city following his €90m move to Turin in July 2016.

With only year left on his contract, it’s still unclear whether or not the 30-year-old will sign a new deal with Napoli. For now, president Aurelio De Laurentiis’ desire to cut the wage bill is what’s hampering a possible renewal.

13 thought on “Koulibaly not interested in Juventus transfer”
  1. I don’t really care much for football nowadays but just wanted to say I love this guy. Top 5 CBs in the world yet stays put in Naples

  2. Juven r his best destination at the moment unless he wanna be rotten in Napoli.
    He won’t renew with huge pay cut and Napoli wont allow him leave freely.
    Time is on Juven’s side. DL will force him to accept Juven’s offer, 30m is enough.

  3. Stupid principle of him, not joining the biggest club in italy just because of his recent club rivalry for him just only lived about several years in it.
    He even didn’t know the bgininning nor being a main character behind this rivalry

  4. “Reportedly uninterested”… According to whom??? FI??? Made up stories that contradict each other regularly. All the while, FI gets to sell ad space as we keep clicking on the click bait ‘stories’. Boring to read this made up stuff. I’m out.

  5. Koulibaly to that soon to be 4th place tripletta holders scares me. He can definitely stretch out PhD Max so much that the next time it’s my turn with Obi Wan Max, it’ll be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway. I’m the only one for PhD Max and he’s to only one for me even if that Czech Warrior occasionally joins in to prove to us that the carpet matches the drapes. Oh just thinking of Max makes me harder than a diamond in an ice storm.

  6. Not sure what’s going on here with these comments.

    All i know is that this article contradicts what’s been spread around Italy and Europe. Koulibaly to Juve is likely.

  7. Fatecisognare in tears haha.

    Learn to read.

    As reported by Il Mattino, Koulibaly has informed those close to him in Naples that he is not interested in signing for Juventus.

    Why would he juve are crap anyhow

  8. lol the fake LORD ALLEGRI is on a roll. Speaking of rolls, anyone want to butter me up? Both sides of course and if you’re lucky I will bring out my ketchup, brown sauce and tartare sauce. If you play your cards right I will let anyone batter my saveloy.

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