A meeting between Massimiliano Allegri and Juventus confirmed that their top three targets now are Filip Kostic, Leandro Paredes and Alvaro Morata. 

The Bianconeri’s squad is still looking a little incomplete ahead of the rapidly approaching Serie A season and the club are working hard to try and finalise a few more deals ahead of their season opener against Sassuolo on August 15. 

As detailed by Gianluca Di Marzio, Juventus’ top priority is brining in a new winger and the main target for this is Kostic. West Ham’s attempts prove that Eintracht Frankfurt want at least €20m for the player, forcing the Bianconeri to send in a convincing offer. 

Another key target is Paris Saint-Germain’s Paredes, who has a €15m price tag. Further talks are needed to find an agreement with the French giants.

Finally, Juventus are still insistent on bringing back Morata. The Turin side will work as hard as possible on this deal, but if it’s truly impossible then they’ll focus on alternatives. 

18 thought on “Kostic, Paredes and Morata: Juventus on the charge”
  1. Why morata again
    Please i don’t want him here anymore
    Buy younger players like raspadori pls

  2. Paredes is slightly acceptable since he will play as CDM and will let locatelli play higher.
    But I’m not sure Morata and Kostic are good fits. Juve can easily get Raspadori with 35m .

  3. Kostic can cover both Winger positions as well as LWB, he’ll be a perfect fit for this season in a LWB role, getting up the pitch the same way De Sciglio and Cuadrado do without needing 3 at the back

  4. i’ll accept kostic and paredes – but not morata = too many yrs he’s underperformed.

    why would we need kostic and morata for the left wing / wing forward position, makes no sense

  5. All these little kids just want high wages and top stars. Morata already knows Allegri’s system and he plays relatively well under him, there’s a reason why he started for the Spain national team consistently last year. If you really want over priced and over hyped players go play FIFA and watch the English league, they’re full of nonsense.

  6. None of them are good enough. Paredes is not an upgrade to Rabiot, Arthur or Zakaria. Kostic has not even been looked at by Germany’s biggest clubs and Morata is a good guy but not at the level required.

  7. A well-informed football fan would know that Kostic was MWP of the UEFA cup last season, so idiotic to call him “average”.
    Paredes is a first team regular on the Argentine national team, that good enough.
    Morata actually worked fine in a partnership with Vlahovic last season.
    Please: stop thinking football is anything like football manager. Stop demanding players like Mbappe, Neymar or Salah.

  8. Please no raspadori its a risk and a lot of money he is not top talet actually we need morata and kostic no one can cover vlahovic place than morata if we sign these 3 players plus breme pogba and di Maria I will salute arivabene

  9. @Many wise guys Very well said. I could have not wrote it any better. I totally agree on your statements on Morata and Paredes, but I did not see many games with Kostic so I will reserve my judgement. When people look at Morata they look at only goals, this guy does a lot of dirty work for the team and always has a descent game. His biggest problem is that he misses a lot of sitters, but maybe that phase is behind him. Who knows, I would love to see Morata back.

  10. Outside Serie A I watch the Bundesliga the most, and my “favorite” club happens to be Frankfurt. Kostic would be a wonderful addition to our Juve. Dynamic player with great ball skills and crossing ability. I was thrilled to hear they were looking at him, saddened when it appeared they were moving on, and now thrilled again. Hope it works out. As for Morata, there’s no question for me Raspadori is the preferred signing. Young, another dynamic, highly skilled player. Morata definitely looked better playing wide after Vlahovic arrived, but Raspadori is a better overall player now and for the future.

  11. CALMAAA!!!

    It does not matter whether they are average which they are. All that matters is when PhD Max guides the ship. Rudder not spinning, holes galore and captain Max asleep at the wheel, leading them to the 4th spot tripleta, 2023 ice berg incoming.

  12. A lonely idiot ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️🤣🤣🤣

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