Milan defender Simon Kjaer showed leadership and affection in the heat of the moment, as he helped Christian Eriksen before the medical staff arrived and then comforted the Inter midfielder’s family.

The centre-back responded to the crisis, as Eriksen fell unconscious to the ground in the final minutes of the first half between Denmark and Finland in the Euro 2020 opener.

The Group B match was postponed but later completed, as Eriksen called his teammates from the hospital bed.

Kjaer has been praised for his actions in the heat of the moment, as he rushed to help his friend and teammate.

Reports reveals the Denmark captain stopped Eriksen from swallowing his tongue, then put him in the recovery position and started CPR before the medical staff arrived at the scene.

Kjaer was then seen comforting Eriksen’s partner, who came down to the pitch.

Eriksen’s teammate at Inter, Nicoló Barella, gave a shoutout to the defender playing for their local rivals.
“Beyond the colours, compliments Simon,” Barella wrote in a story on Instagram. “True captain and a real man.”

Kjaer was also praised on social media by fans and journalists.

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