Franck Kessié and Andreas Christensen are virtually new Barcelona players as Joan Laporta confirmed the Catalans have secured deals to buy a defender and a midfielder.

Laporta spoke to RAC1 about Barcelona’s plans for the future and seemed to confirm the acquisition of the two stars who will move to the Nou Camp as free agents in the summer. The Barcelona President refused to name the players signed by Barcelona but confirmed that two new players would join the club in the summer.

“We have a couple of deals already closed. Their contracts were expiring, so we could negotiate with them,” he said.

“Defence and midfield? Around there, I don’t want to give names.”

Kessié and Christensen’s contracts with Milan and Chelsea expire at the end of the season and both players have not reached an agreement to extend with their clubs.

The Rossoneri reportedly offered Kessié a new €6.5m deal. He rejected the offer, but seems to have agreed on a similar salary in Barcelona. The 25-year-old joined the Rossoneri in 2017 from Atalanta and has played 214 games with the Serie A giants.

10 thought on “Kessié set for Barcelona move as Laporta confirms double signing”
  1. Good luck Franck, you’re gonna need it.

    Now you weren’t honest with us unfortunately, but play the rest of the matches with your heart and soul, bring home the Scudetto and we’re good. No love lost.

  2. Love lost on my end. This season his performance was never near the last one.
    It would be great if you have the balls to declare it’s time to move on or whatever.
    But I guess even the presidents don’t have it.

  3. Has to be said Barcelona are doing great work in the transfer market. Bringing in experience and quality to compliment the bunch of young players at the club. Very similar to Milan in the last few years.

  4. Italian players should do the same moving quickly abroad. They should challenge them self instead of playing in serie B or staying in serie A. Riccardo Orsolini is suited to play in Spain

  5. @chris2

    I think you have misinterpreted “no money”

    If they had “no money” they’d be in liquidation

    They cant afford transfer fees – its the initial outlay that is causing too much for them, they have had inflated wages for years

    Admittedly, players of the quality mentioned would demand high wages / high sign on fee but that would also have been the case if it were a regular transfer of say 40mill or so per player

    They are spending money, because they have money
    But they are saving what would of been the transfer fee – because they don’t have as much money as before

  6. @Fan Milan, well said.
    He should give us his best in the last games, give us the scudetto and there won’t be any love lost in my end as well!
    We will get another replacement but the directors have to learn fast, stop trusting their word and after 2,3 meetings and there’s no new contract agreement, put them all up for sale and stop loosing them for free!

  7. You guys are very near-sighted. Imagine if there was no Kessie this season, or MINIMUM we sold him for 40M.
    We would’ve had secured 40M €.
    We would’ve had either bought or nurtured someone to join our squad and integrate with the team, re-enforce the unit (like with Tonali).
    We wouldn’t have missed Kessie as his performances this season are evidently no way near his peak days.
    Not only the money earned we would’ve had someone that is more keen on playing for Milan and being part of the journey, so much better for the squad unity and overall club progress.
    I will not miss Kashiee one bit. BB.

  8. @Dollarumma

    Unfortunately the market doesn’t work this way. Kessie, to be able to have been sold for anything over 20M, would have had to have been sold 2 years ago, when Milan still had leverage on his contract. BUT, if he was sold 2 years ago, then Milan wouldn’t have had his performances last season to take them to Champions League.

    Also, the club may have wanted to sell, but if Kessie didn’t WANT to be sold to whichever club Milan were negotiating with (rumor that he vetoed a move to Spurs), then Milan can’t do anything but watch him finish his contract with them.

    A player with 12 months left on his contract is free to negotiate a pre-contract in the last 6 months. That means he could move to another club for FREE, but also gain a higher salary (a portion of what the buying club saved off of paying for a transfer fee). This is a fact, and also why so many players during COVID are doing it these days. David Alaba, Sergio Ramos, Messi, Mbappe, Dybala, Di Maria, Kessie, all top stars, all leaving last or this coming summer for free to get bigger paychecks elsewhere.

    That’s just the way football works these days. The player has the choice of movement, power is not with the clubs.

  9. @ Dollarumma a lot of “ifs”, ” would’ves” and “buts” .

    It didn’t happen. Welcome to modern football!

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