Kessie refuses move to Tottenham after Milan agree to a deal

by | Jan 23, 2022 18:45

Milan agreed to sell Franck Kessie to Tottenham but the Ivorian midfielder refused to accept the move.

The 25-year-old midfielder’s contract expires with the Rossoneri at the end of this season and a renewal doesn’t seem likely, with the player asking for wages that the club’s management consider to be excessive. He has been a core part of Stefano Pioli’s squad this season.

As reported by, Tottenham and Milan have been in talks for a few days now about Kessie and an agreement was reached for a definitive transfer, but the player put a stop to things, not wanting to make the move to England.

Kessie wants to take part in the title race with the Rossoneri this season and he’d prefer to see out his contract with the Milanese club. He’s also hard at work with the Ivory Coast at the Africa Cup of Nations and so doesn’t want to be distracted by transfer news.


  1. DB Milan

    In fairness, I wouldn’t want to go to Spurs either. Conte or no Conte.

  2. Aliyu Gimba

    This is wickedness from Kessie. He wants Milan to end up without a penny. Too bad, honestly

  3. Azas

    Greed….he wants the huge signing on bonus

  4. DB Roma

    In fairness he will got Spurs. It’s all about money.

  5. Resend

    To hell with him then. We don’t need another N’demble

  6. George

    The pulling power of £nic lol

  7. Kayfabu

    Kessie want inter move,he will see out his contract and move to inter to hurt Milan as calhanoglu dis,dey r both snake

  8. XxlMan

    So Kessie whilst at AFCON & “doesn’t want to be distracted by transfer news” gave an exclusive interview just to relay the ‘facts’ stated, did he??
    Some people really need to wake up & have a long, hard talk to themselves!

  9. Milan Fan

    Translation : he wants to wait 6 months and see if they manage to get into the CL then join them but on even bigger wages.

    Il presidente my behind!

  10. J

    Keeping him and getting nothing is not necessarily losing out. His presence or the rest of the season could be the difference between UCL or no UCL football next season.

    Also let’s keep in mind that he is like every other human being trying to do what is right for his career. We have all left jobs for bigger companies and more money. When I look at Mbappe I see a guy who is making all the money he wants but is heading towards a career that won’t be remembered by anyone. Kessie is another player who could be the absolute world’s best but he’s not in the right situation.

    This is a different situation than Dunnarumma and Hakan. Those two will never be bigger than AC Milan and should have taken a little less money and stayed for their own good. Kessie, however, has the potential to be the world’s best.

  11. ACM1899

    My guess is, Jessie’s agent is pulling all the strings here…

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