Kessie not close to reaching an agreement with Milan

by | Sep 30, 2021 09:56

La Gazzetta dello Sport reports Franck Kessie and Milan are still struggling to close the gap in the contract negotiations.

The Ivory Coast international’s deal expires next summer and the midfielder, who was sent off with two yellow cards in the 2-1 defeat to Atletico Madrid, is currently not agreeing with the Rossoneri.

The newspaper claims there are no developments in the talks, as each party remains adamant in their respective offer and demand.

Milan have reportedly offered Kessie a new deal until June 2026, with an annual salary worth €6.5m a season.

The midfielder and his agent currently ask for €8m, according to the report, a gap that none of them are flexible to bridge.

Milan are hoping to avoid losing Kessie on a free transfer like Hakan Calhanoglu and Gigio Donnarumma this summer, but the newspaper reveals they are not getting closer to reaching an agreement.

epa09463966 Lazio's mildfielder Sergej Milinkovic-Savic (L) in action against AC Milan's midfielder Frank Kessie during the Italian Serie A soccer match AC Milan vs SS Lazio at the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium in Milan, Italy, 12 September 2021. EPA-EFE/ROBERTO BREGANI


  1. Thecount

    Offer 7 million max and call it a day

  2. Rosario

    The fact that the club have been A. extremely quiet on this and B. we’re now nearly into October, I consider this to be a closed matter. I think just like with Gigio, we’ll be told at the end of the season that he was always going leave and not extend. If he was going to extend, it would’ve happened by now.

    The only additional factor I could think of is the club waiting to see if it would make the round of 16 in the champions league. With that potentially giving milan added income, it could’ve allowed them to increase the offer.

    Kessie has been playing like a player who already has an agreement. On the pitch, he looks like the player we’ve seen for the majority of his time at milan, bar last season. Slow, cumbersome, laborious and generally useless.

  3. Milan Fan

    Do we care? At this point I don’t care one bit. Just keep him far away from the pitch. Tonali has been simply amazing this season and Bennacer had a world class performance against A.Madrid. Krunic was great before his injury, too and then there’s Bakayoko.

    Kessie should stay the **** away from the pitch since he’s doing more damage than good. If I have one complain from this management then it’s this. Maldini and co must show the iron fist. Actions must have consequences. Act like a serious club and put your foot down. Brest did it with Faivre and they were right to do so.

    I can’t wait for him and Romagnoli to leave either in January or June. Milan needed this cleansing of mercenaries. We will be even more united and strong after.

  4. MC Miker g

    Give him a deadline of 1st December – if he hasn’t signed, then start negiations with interested clubs to sell or swap him in January. At least that way we will get something back.

  5. papa_frezz

    I’d keep Romagnoli if he accepted sensible wages and backup status, tbh. He’s not a match winner but he’s solid enough.

    We should sell Kessie in Jan. A Prem club will probably chuck 10-15m at us to tie him down early. He’s a great player but I stand by our ethos.

  6. Muzaffar

    @Rosario – Have seen your comments on many articles here now and am really impressed with your views and comments!

    Have to say I wholeheartedly agree with you on this, barring last season Kessie, where he was admittedly outstanding, on the whole he has been emblematic of the *SHUDDERS* Li Yonghong/Mirabelli and Fassone reign!

    For a player to come out and make a statement of his “love” for the club alongside the “desire” to stay for the remainder of his career and thus act in this manner it really does sicken me. We have Tonali who has come on leaps and bounds this season and Bennacer who are now rightfully first choice in my opinion, with Krunic as amore then adequate back up. The directors, led by Maldini, have done fantasticly well, so I will gladly see us cash in on this guy come January and allow Paolo to show him through the exit door like his 2 other mates who also “loved” the club!

  7. Bonucci the boss

    I agree – he should be treated as backup from this point, at least until he signs a new contract, and his conduct is really disappointing.

    I just think for the sake of maybe 1 million per year they shouldn’t risk losing him for nothing, or a small fee. Of course these decisions have repercussions for other players and negotiations, which I suppose is the problem. Is he worth 7.5 or 8m per year? No, in truth, even though I’ve always liked him. If he played like last season regularly, sure – but that’s looking unlikely. It’s a tough one, but it’s another big hit for Milan if they lose him for nothing or next to nothing.

  8. rosario


    ‘on the whole he has been emblematic of the *SHUDDERS* Li Yonghong/Mirabelli and Fassone reign!’

    This basically hits the nail on the head. A period during which Milan went&threw money at players, rather than signing players who were A. right for the team and B. actually wanted to play for the club.

    Why I upset to see Gigio leave? Of course. I was heartbroken. BUT. At least to the last second of his last game for Milan, he gave 100%.

    Last season, Kessie was fantastic. Absolutely no doubt about that. His performances this season though have highlighted a player who is either unsettled and or has his mind elsewhere. And given Milan’s style of play and as we saw vs. Atleti, Milan cannot afford passengers. Regrettably, I doubt he can be offloaded in January. But I completely agree regarding bennacer, tonali and Krunic. Let’s also not forget Bakayoko…another player who actually wants to play for the club.

  9. Vero Rossonero

    I agree with everyone above. Kessie’s form is dismal right now. It’s a combination of playing nonstop this year and having his head elsewhere. Regardless, unless he recovers last season’s form he should be benched. As to his resigning, i would not offer one Euro more. If he doesn’t take this offer then move him for whatever they can get in January. We will be fine with Bennacer, Tonali, Baka and Krunic in the middle. Next summer we’ll have Adli and Pobega back. Same goes for Romagnoli. Take it or leave it. If no take then bye in January. I don’t really care if he leaves TBH, that Griezmann goal is why Kjaer has taken his spot. He made a great impression of a statue.

  10. Muzaffar


    I will not deny, that period was very exciting and a breath of fresh air seeing our club spend lavishly on players after seeing years of frugality and Uncle Fester AKA Galliani’s wheeling and dealing of freebies from here there and everywhere!

    But looking back now, I completely agree with you that the money was spent foolishly and speaks volumes that Kessie and Conte are the only remaining players from the spending splurge!

    I will give him a bit of leeway in that he went to the Olympics and as such has not had much of a break before coming back to pre-season. But nonetheless, he has been nowhere near the levels of last season and if that is down to an agreement elsewhere or being unsettled as you say, it is best to simply cash in this January.

    If only there were more Tonali’s in the world to counter the Donnarumma’s, Calhanoglu’s and Kessie’s who squabble over a couple million more on top of their already exorbitant salaries/contract offers!

  11. Kapil

    Why not agree to his demands, raise his salary, extend his contract, and sell him anyway next season. I am sure there would be no storage of Kessie admirers. At lest we can make up some money off this deal.

  12. jULIAN

    I would slap him if he again dares to say he really loves the club and wants to stay for a long career with Milan. The fact that he demands unreasonable salary for his ‘beloved’ club while on the other hands Tonali’s willingness to reduce his salary to stay at his beloved club really opens our eyes which players has the real loves for the club. I mean he hasn’t even give the club a trophy despite his overall performance yet dare to ask unreasonable contract. seeshhhh..


    Sell both Kessie and Romagnoli! Kessie already plays like he is gone. Romagnoli again cost a important goal – he will never be the new Maldini or Nesta. Beside he also have a “wrong” agent….

  14. Acemilan

    When I look back at last year Kessie was a central figure no doubt . Really loved him . i think that player is still in there . 1 he needs some rest 2 we need to get more out of him .

  15. Nick

    Great comments guys…excellent balance and strength regarding the situation.

    After Tuesday’s performance, AND this season so far…Kessie and his agent, Atangana are in thew worst possible negotiation position with us. From what I herard the last offer was a staggered and rising contract over 5 years; starting at 5.5/6.5m and rising to 7/8m by last 2 years. Decent in my books, and a huge increase on his current 2.3m.

    So all that big money thrown at the President and he disappears for 4-6 wks for the AFCON in Jan/Feb and comes backs tired and fatigued for our title run in. We have to think and move very astutely.

    The thought of Isma, Tonali, Baka, Adli & Pobega running our engine room gives me comfort though.

    Great comment on Romagnoli @Vero Rossonero…looked like the captain of old during that lapse in concentration. Had Tomori been there that shot wouldn’t not have even come off.

  16. DB Milan

    Can’t believe people are questioning his quality after a slow start to the season. Short memories that can’t remember him carrying the team through games last season. An example of just how fickle some fans are.

  17. Milan Fan

    Problem with Romagnoli is, even though he’s solid enough as back-up (though I doubt he will accept that role) we can get many players with half his wages for that job. He ain’t improving anymore, if anything he’s becoming more coward by the day. Always more likely to shy away from a challenge. I’m sure Moncada has list of young and high potential names that Maldini and Massara could go for. I prefer someone like that who will ultimately take the mantle from Kjaer rather than having Romagnoli the ball-watcher on high wages sitting on the bench. I mean you can expect a young defender to make a mistake and let it go in the name of gaining experience, but him? Not anymore.

    Last but not least, let’s not forget his agent is Raiola. So I’d say we better let him go and be free of the pig and his clients next year. (Assuming Zlatan will also retire)

  18. Muzaffar

    @DB Milan

    It’s not a case of short memories or being fickle fans. If you want to talk about short memories then please do refresh our minds as to seasons past where he made any performances of note and was at best bang average…!!!! If a player has no intention of signing a new deal, then that is fine but A) do not hold the club to ransom and B) do not make idiotic statements of love and adoration for a club you and your agent are trying to extort!

    @Vero Rossonero & @Milan Fan

    As loyal a servant Romagnoli has been (and that too through some serious dodgy years for the club!), I think it is best to let the guy leave. He is clearly not happy at being a back up and with Gabbia at the club and the free’d up wages we can look to get someone else in and wish Romagnoli well for his future!

  19. Nick

    @DB Milan….I hear you it’s not as simple as that.

    We are possibly conditioned by the fact that he’s been with us the last 4 seasons (playing at high levels for a 1 1/2-2 seasons) and calling for a salary in the Dybala region (to put it into context (magnitude of the player and financial clout of the club).

    We can only judge him on the past and what we know. Throw in some financial prudence and we have to weight up and make our own assessments.

    Would be good if Romagnoli stayed-he’s our captain and stuck with us throughout many demoralizing seasons and could have easily jumped ship years ago. That said, but not for any Raiola-esque mad salary and signing on fee. If so, cut loose.

  20. Acemilan

    On a positive note I am overjoyed with Tonali . I fell like we have really found that player who bleeds red and black !
    We have others but hopefully with Tonali we can see that critical mass build as he leads by example ! Bravo Sandro !
    I would hate to see the President leave , I would have concerns betting on Krunic or Baka be a replacement . Two things are for sure , his current form has to change , and he and the club need to come to terms . Both sooner than later . I hope .

  21. Nick

    Spot on on everything there @Acemilan

  22. DB Milan

    @Muzaffar That’s quite simple, last season and the season before. He has been our best midfielder for that entire time. If you can’t remember that, I can’t help you.

    @Nick Good point about Dybala level pay. He has been way more important to Milan for the last season or 2 than Dybala has been to Juve though. I do like how the club aren’t being held to ransom but we really need to stop letting players into the final 12 months like this. Its just bad management.

  23. Michael

    Just add add my 2 cents, though everything’s been said… Kessie has obviously not been the same this season as last, for whatever reasons. I think there can be no doubt the talent is still there. I would love him to stay on a reasonable salary. But any more than a reasonable salary, and he can go – preferably sold in Jan, but on a free otherwise. I hope he stays but if he thinks he’s worth 8 mil, he can sit on the PSG bench with Donnarumma.

    Tonali, I really hope he keeps these performances up and I hope we then adjust his contract upwards. He took a salary cut to stay, due to his bad performances last year; so I hope they do the right thing and increase it to reflect his importance. You can’t have people performing the same but on such vastly different salaries, it’s be bound to breed resentment after a while.

    Romagnoli is the same as he’s always been – good but not great. And sometimes he has these lapses or does something foolish to concede a penalty. Again, I’m happy enough for him to stay on a not-improved contract, but if he wants any more than he currently earns (3.5 mil I believe) we should let him go, as he’s not worth it.

  24. Dollarumma

    Here is what needs to happen:


    Kessie, Romagnoli, Castillejo, Florenzi (don’t know why we got him in the first place, no need for him, one Saelemaekers is enough).


    Dont know.. Depends on the budgets. I don’t know what will be the point when we can attract/afford players like Kroos, Modric etc….. But well, evidently Maldini and co are doing a good job with scouting so i’m sure they can get good deals.

  25. Ayodele Palmer

    What I don’t understand really is, how could you publicly declare your undying love for a club and they give you a raise from 2.5M to 6.5M and then you are refusing ? . Almost 70% raise ,and you are still refusing? He had an offer already hence all these drama, and I`m sure if Milan agree to pay him 8M he will kiss the badge if he scores next match and you will hear what they always say ” My dream is to stay in Milan ” I knew it was a bad mistake to offer Gigio 8M because players like Calha and Kessie, Theo etc will reject 4-5M offer when their time comes and we are seeing it now, we should have sell off these players long time ago, I don’t think we are missing Gigio, all we missed is the money we should earn from his sell , so I don’t think we will miss Kessie and Calha if we replace them properly. A real man will sit down with the club and said I am leaving but I will renew my contract so the club can get some money from my sell , but these one`s prefer to leave on a free so they can benefit all the commission, no honour is bigger than you always welcome to the ground where you made your name, if Shevy and KAKA turn up at San Siro anytime there is always a standing ovation and that can move you to tears, but these one`s they have no feelings, show them the money and they will kiss the crest

  26. Chris

    I think he should be offered one of two contracts. Contract A has a smaller amount but has a transfer fee/activation clause of something like 120m (something daft that only a desperate team would pay). Contract B has a higher amount but he earns it in bonuses as opposed to just a standing wage because he really hasn’t been extraordinary this season so far – which I understand because he’s not really had a break, but he has made his own choices.

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