Kessié expected to leave Milan: PSG and Tottenham consider transfer swoop

by | Dec 17, 2021 15:37

La Gazzetta dello Sport confirms Franck Kessié doesn’t want to extend his contract with Milan and PSG and Tottenham are possible destinations for the Ivorian star.

Kessié’s deal at San Siro expires at the end of the season and Milan have not been able to reach an agreement with the 24-year-old.

The midfielder claimed he wanted to remain at Milan in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport in September, but the Serie A giants have faced a different reality during negotiations with his agent George Atangana.

Kessié is on a €2.2m-a-year deal at Milan and demands a new €8m-a-year contract.

According to Sky Sport Italia, Kessié’s agent has requested an even higher €9m salary.

The Serie A giants have offered their midfielder a €6.5m deal, but the former Atalanta man is unwilling to accept.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, both PSG and Tottenham are monitoring the 24-year-old, but it remains to be seen if they will meet his economic demands.

Kessié’s performances have dropped this season. He has scored three goals in 19 appearances across all competitions this term, while he managed 13 in 37 appearances in 2020-21.



  1. Donato Totaro

    Is this guy CRAZY. He things (or at least his agent) thinks he is worth 9 mill euros a year! Has he seen his performances the last few months? Full of mistakes and negative play. It looks obvious Kessie is playing not to get hurt and biding his time. Good riddance.

  2. Sir_FrosinoNe

    Yet again spurs. Where will they fit all these players. They won’t have CL games to play them all. Please stop with the spurs. If PSG are linked then spurs aren’t in with a hope. Mid table club.

  3. DB Milan

    This is going to keep happening. I know how it feels to be Roma now. Losing a star player every summer.

  4. Michael

    @DBMilan This will only keep happening until the directors get on top of the contract situations and stop allowing players to postpone contract extension. As much as I like the “milan family” thing, it doesn’t work if half your players have no loyalty to the club. In that case we need directors who can be tough on them – you don’t want to sign an extension? You’ll be sold. Refuse to leave? You don’t play.

  5. Vinnie

    Try to sell him for whatever we can get in January and bench him if he refuses. Whoever gets him kn a free gets a player who’s been training on his own own 6 months.

    There has to be an end to this while “he’s always been perfeftly.professuonal” that makes it easy for players to desert and betray their clubs. We get it, it’s a business, but it isn’t to the fans.

    Sod off, Franck… many a mercenary has done what you’re doing before you. I hope to never hear your name again on a champions league eve…

  6. jULIAN

    maybe kessie’s agent thinks that if calha is worth 6 million salary, then kessie worth even more.. LOL

  7. Thomas Maaløe

    This is exactly the problem with clubs like PSG, Chelsea and other clubs spending too much money on salary. No player in the world is worth that kind of money! Period!
    Its all about the money, the true football stars are dead and replaced by money hungry rock stars… sad

  8. Sensible milano

    Pay him 9 mill. Sell him in 2023 for 50mill. What is the question?

  9. Bunga2

    @Sensible Milano: That is not very sensible at all. Who’s gonna pay 50M on top of his 9M/year salary (possibly more if he is to be sold)? Rather than spending the next 5 years regretting a bad contract, sell him immediately, no matter the price. The thing is, does anyone even want him on expiring contracts, considering they could get him for free? I doubt teams are rushing to sign him nowadays, 12 months ago maybe, now, not so much. Ask Liverpool.

  10. 1MIKEJ

    He was always going for free, during Olympics he was ready to renew, some other club has made his agent an offer after that, his agent was originally asking for 5m, we offered that, he then wanted 6m, we offered that, now he wants 9m, he has clearly been “tapped up” probably by leonardo. The way I see it is we have avoided paying 60m + on an underperforming player,

  11. FERBAN

    Milan need to sell, if possible, players that won’t sign contracts much earlier than they do.

    In today’s crazy market, they’ve lost approx 150m in transfer fees on Donnarumma, Calhanoglu and now this guy if he goes in the summer.

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