Karsdorp: ‘Mourinho makes me better’


Rick Karsdorp thanks Jose Mourinho for helping him to improve both on and off the pitch.

The 26-year-old Dutch right back has been one of the stars of the season for the Giallorossi, being a consistent and reliable option on the right flank as the Roman side look to fight for a top four spot this season.

Speaking in an interview with ELF Voetbal magazine, Karsdorp highlighted how Mourinho is the one to thank for his growth this campaign. ‘Mourinho makes me better. I used to like to drink and go out, now it doesn’t happen anymore. The reason I came to play abroad was because of the Roma project.’

He touched on how the Giallorossi fans are both warm and allow him some privacy, saying ‘it’s not bad. Here they allow you to be really quiet. Of course I get approached when I walk down the street, but in general the fans don’t go crazy. If I’m out to dinner, they wait patiently until the end for an autograph or a photo.’

The 26-year-old Dutchman noted the fickle temperance of the Roma fans, noting that ‘the fans should support the team, sometimes you get booed too quickly.

‘With injuries I wasn’t able to prove myself for a long time, people started to wonder if I could stand the level and if I could still be fully fit. After my second spell in the Netherlands I came back, determined to succeed here. It worked and I became a starter.’

Finally, Karsdorp discussed the Derby della Capitale against Lazio and he compared it to the derby between Feyenoord and Ajax. ‘The passion for the club is clear, especially in the derby against Lazio, which is a bit more intense than Feyenoord-Ajax.

;And it also applies here, if you play well, you are a hero, if you play badly you get criticised. Although, now that I think about it, maybe people are a bit more critical here than at Feyenoord.’ He concluded.

The 26-year-old Karsdorp, who is contracted to Roma until 2025, has made 24 appearances across all competitions so far this season, for a total of 2078 minutes. In that time, he has provided five assists and proven both his attacking and defensive qualities.

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