The lawyer representing Rick Karsdorp has blasted Jose Mourinho for pitting Roma fans and media against the player, insisting he cannot remain. ‘Unfortunately, Mourinho is not new to this behaviour.’

The full-back was practically frozen out of the squad after Mourinho’s controversial comments to the media in the wake of last month’s 1-1 draw with Sassuolo.

He complained that “the squad was betrayed” by one player who came off the bench with “the wrong attitude” and warned this figure must “find another club” in the January transfer window.

Mourinho was condemned by FIFPro, the union representing professional football players all over the world, and the situation remains in flux.

Karsdorp has returned to training with Roma and is waiting for the right offer to leave.

“This whole thing started because someone very famous at Roma had the wrong attitude, and he is not at all new to this sort of thing, specifically Jose Mourinho,” lawyer Salvatore Civale told

“When these comments to the media come from someone of his calibre and fame, unfortunately that generates a hostile atmosphere around a player, as you heard he was attacked by Roma fans in an airport and on social media.”

There is still some confusion as to what exactly happened, but while Mourinho did not publicly say it was Karsdorp who ‘betrayed’ his teammates, he also later did not deny when asked if it was the Dutchman.

“When a player sees 40-50 fans standing at the door to his house, pushing him to leave, it doesn’t really matter at that point whether Mourinho said the name of the player or not. The concern is what did the club do to protect the player.”

FIFPro condemned Mourinho, but Karsdorp’s lawyer spreads the blame to the club hierarchy too, who did not clamp down on the behaviour of their coach.

“The club evidently decided it was more convenient to maintain silence on the whole affair. Even FIFPro stepped in and pointed out the club should’ve defended its player rather than help damage his rights and reputation.”

Karsdorp is now back training with the Giallorossi, but the future remains very much up in the air.

“Seeing it from the outside, it’s a very serious situation, especially because there simply aren’t the conditions to have him remain at Roma and his value on the transfer market has also been depreciated.”

3 thought on “Karsdorp lawyer blames Mourinho and Roma for row”
  1. naturally it was the press who mentioned Karsdorp first
    anyone who saw the match, and knows about Krasdorps history, knew immediatley who it was
    poor attitude from a defending player

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