The entire Juventus Board of Directors has resigned, suggesting more serious repercussions are on the way for false accounting based not on transfer fees, but ‘hidden’ salaries for their players.

This evening the shock announcement from Turin confirmed that President Andrea Agnelli, vice-president Pavel Nedved and all other members of the Board resigned with immediate effect.

Reading through the statements, it becomes clear that this is not so much about the so-called Capital Gains investigation – inflating the transfer fees of player exchanges – but rather something far easier to prove and therefore penalise.

In May and June 2020, 23 players in the squad signed agreements to reduce their salaries by four months during the COVID-19 pandemic to help the club get through this difficult period.

Instead, it was reported and it seems as if Juve are struggling to prove otherwise, that the players gave up only one month’s salary.

They seemingly continued to be paid wages ‘in the black’ – allowing the players and club to avoid taxes, but also falsifying the salary bill to make it seem as if the books were balanced.

If there is indeed evidence of this, it would be financial fraud.

The investigation into that area of the club started with reports of a ‘secret’ contract with Cristiano Ronaldo that gave him extra wages and bonuses that were outside of the official salary.

13 thought on “Juventus: What exactly is happening”
  1. The question is will PhD Max be a true bush league legend and steer them in Serie D…

    Dumpty must be sweating.

  2. The bush league club of Europe needs to go on work experience to Bayern Munich, Arsenal and even to the US to see how big institutions operate, make a profit and balance the books. This new board will be skilled in the dark arts and until an audit is conducted by a third party, nothing will change.

  3. What happened to “fino alle fine”? Even their own greedy, corrupt board members didn’t believe it.

  4. This is an extremely serious crime, if proven. Those three months’ worth of wages would amount to A LOT of money.

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